Monday, July 25, 2011

The Big Morning!

Finally, the big morning came! The ceremony didn't start till 3, so we had a lot of time before - and a lot to do! Of course, we did not see the groom. But we had correspondents going back and forth (his parents, groomsmen, Hubby, etc.) to make sure he was well fed and taken care of. Sidenote: I feed very bad for grooms on the wedding day. I would go stir-crazy. Seeing as men can get dressed and dashing in 36 seconds, (in my husband's case, that includes his lightening shower) I imagine that there is lots of sitting. And waiting. And anticipating.

We, on the other hand, had PLENTY to do. First off, we had our hair and makeup team arrive at our house at 7 am. Then we had hair being done for five of us girls, with the rest of the bridal party meeting at our house by 1. Not to mention the flowers being delivered, the photographer arriving to set up, and one very curious 1 year old who we carried around at arms length so she didn't grab for our "pre-tee" hair and jewelry.

Oh, and did I mention that we didn't sleep? Nope, not a wink. Well some of us did, I imagine. But I can only speak for myself and the bride. We shared a queen bed, you see, in our old room. Kind of how we shared the room all our lives, except this time we were in the same bed, and there was a toddler at our feet in a Pack and Play (A lot can change in 3 short years!). So we didn't get to bed until midnight. Then, at about 3, I was wide awake. Looking up at the ceiling, thinking, unable to sleep, trying not to wake the baby or the bride.

And then I heard a small sound. A movement sound - but the kind that an awake person makes, not an asleep person. But how do I check if Sissy is awake? I don't want to speak too loudly - what if she's NOT awake, and then I wake her?! And then she can't sleep and it's my fault? So I settled on whispering. The tiniest whisper beyond all whispers.

Are you awake?

I barely spoke. Even if she were awake, the chance of her hearing me were slim. Then I heard her respond.


And that was the end of our sleeping. I'm still not sure how we functioned the following day.

But she did manage to look ravishing early the next morning!

Mama getting her hair all done!

OH, I forgot to mention our hair team duo. Mariann has done our hair since birth, for every occasion, no exception. She will be giving Reilly her first cut as well. And lucky for us, her extremely talented daughter Nikki is just as gifted as she is in all things hair.

But that's no all - Mariann should be a bridal consultant party planning hair dresser. She recommended all of our shower venues for bridal and baby for sister and I, she found Sister's shoes - she solves all our wedding dilemmas. And with Nikki giving us expert fake eyelashes, they were fun people to have around that morning.

Here are my shoes, and the bride's shoes!

Strolling around the pool, doing a last break-in and scuff-up.

Doing her MIL's eye liner - she was cool as a cucumber!


This is when we first put the feather in her hair. I use the term "we" loosely here. I did not help. But we were all very excited about the outcome.

Pretty feathers!!
Then we got started on makeup.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. Such excitement!
Stones on her veil were stunning!

And then we got the tiniest flower girl dressed!

I embellished her headband -adding extra tulle, and of course, a feather. See it sticking up the top? Could you just DIE?

And that was our morning of preparation - and the last picture that I took that day. The rest of the pictures I share will be of other guests, since I was too busying MOH-ing and dancing! More to come, and the dress reveal. :)

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  1. ahhhh what an exciting morninggg!!! Everyone looks gorgeous! Reilly's feather = no words besides OMG along with gaping mouths/aw's & I CANT WAIT TO SEE MELISSA IN HER DRESS!!! i remember seeing a picture of your dress hanging on the back of your bedroom precious!