Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When Dada Gives You Lemons

Last week, on our vacation, we went out to lunch at this delicious seafood restaurant, where you can eat outside on beautiful decks overlooking the ocean. I love going out to eat with people who live nearby - the locals always know all the best places to go!

At this restaurant, Reilly had her first lemon.

She had the most hilarious reaction, which was to squeeze her whole face, shimmy her whole body, and then say "please" and ask for more.

You can see in Daddy's hysterical laughter how funny she was.

Reilly loves lemons! Cross another strange food that Reilly eats off our list. Along with kale and basil leaves.

Speaking of which, our first basil crop and Reilly thoughts on it - coming soon.

Love & Lemonade,

DR Mama

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