Monday, July 11, 2011

Love is in the Air!

I am going to be a mess at my sister's wedding. I know this. It will be the happiest day, and I am beyond excited. But I have a strong fear, that I will be mess. If you asked me a few weeks ago if I would be emotional at her wedding, I would say "Nah, we're going to be so excited, it's going to be the best time!"

But then, we all went to my cousin Amanda's wedding. Sister and I were bridesmaids, as she and her sister are bridesmaids in my sister's wedding. Did that make any sense? They got engaged 1 day apart, and married just a few weeks apart. They planned pretty much side-by-side, trading notes and consulting each other. It has been such a fun time.

And then came her beautiful wedding day. And as soon as I saw her, and my aunt and uncle, I was overcome with emotion. In their house, right next to where we were standing, were baby pictures of all of us. Not to mention, the babies in those pictures all seemed to be my little Reilly looking back at me. I saw my beautiful cousin, who I have grown up next to, preparing to get married. And then I looked at my aunt and uncle and thought, "She's their Reilly." She's their first babygirl. The one that made them parents. The whole day was a beautiful combination of these thoughts, and the immense happiness that I felt for my cousin and her new hubby.

It's true that when you become a parent, you become a giant mess of sentimental emotion. That should be a catchphrase that parents-to-be hear as a warning. Kind of like "Oh, get ready to never sleep again." It should be, "Oh, get ready to be a complete blubbering mess at even mildly sentimental situations." But I guess that comes with the territory.

How gorgeous is this couple? I love you guys so much. Thank you for making me cry so much. :)

The whole bridal party! I can't wait to wear that dress again!

Sister and I with our Uncle. My mama's brother - can't you tell?

Their whole beautiful family. Zan, you are personally responsible for helping me hold it together when it's my sissy's turn!

And my hubby. Doing his patented dance which is hilarious and usually gets stares, especially when his brother-in-laws join in. That's my brother in the purple - we get really excited when he breaks this move out. It's kind of legendary.

The whole night, emotional beginning to beautiful end, was just perfect. The best kinds of weddings, I think, are the perfect combination of tears and laughter. Of dancing and conversation. But mostly, so centered around the love of God, that you can't help but feel it around you the whole day. See it in the bride and groom's faces, hear it in their vows, and be reminded of your own wedding day.

This was the best kind of wedding.

Love & Marriage,

Dirt Road Mama

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  1. I think Ryan needs to join their crazy dancing on Friday!!! He does the same thing at weddings (where he's comfortable) and gets tons of laughs!!! I can't wait for this weekend!!!