Thursday, March 22, 2012

2 Week Checkup!

We went for Sweet Baby Rae's 2 week check-up!  Girlfriend did so well!  Actually, both my girlfriends did so well!

Before we left the house, I told Reilly exactly where we would be going and what we would be doing.  I made her look at me, and repeat what I told her.  We repeated "Stay near Mommy" and "Hold Mommy's hand" and "Listen to Mommy" a lot on the way to the doctors.  This being because it's our first solo outing together - me, Reilly, and Reagan.  Typically, it was just me and Reilly.  If she runs in a parking lot?  I could just scoop her up.  If she doesn't listen right away?  I just scoop her up.  All my attention was on her.

But now, my attention is split.  And one entire arm would have a baby carrier in it.  I could have used the amazing double stroller that we have, giving me total control over everyone.  But I decided to try and foster Reilly's "big girl sister" independence.  She did so great!  We had goldfish crackers as a reward for being a good listener halfway through the appointment, which subsequently acted as a distraction for the second half!

Reilly was talking the doctor's ear off, asking me "WHO'S-AT?" while pointing at him, and asking him continually what was the matter with Reagan while he was checking her.  Reilly doesn't like when she cries.  She puts on this dramatic sad face and leans over her saying, "BabyReagan whassa mah-yer??"  It's precious.

 And our babygirl got a perfect bill of health!  She weighs 8 lbs. 3.5 ounces!  Which is an entire pound in 2 weeks, thank you breastmilk and Jesus!

We were also a bit nervous about thrush, but the milky white on her tongue is just milk stains.  I also had some questions about gassy-ness that she seemed to be having, but the doctor said that would work itself out as well.  So thankful!

I think Reagan looks like Reilly in this picture!  And a little bit porcelain doll as well :)

Our next appointment is in May - Reagan's 2 month and Reilly's 2 year!  So exciting.  Definitely stopping for ice cream after that one - double the shots - eek!

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  1. No shots at the 2 yr check up if you went according to their vaccination schedule so that will be a blessing!