Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reilly's Favorite Toys

Reilly is loving lots of things lately.  She loves reading "But Mama" (aka "I Love You Stinky Face"), Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Suppertime, and anything having to do with Elmo.  She loves to "do markers" or "color paper" with crayons.  She loves her chalkboard, and loves to wipe it clean with her sponge, paper towels, napkins, or anything with water on it.  She loves bubbles in the bathtub, and watercolor paints.  She loves Play Doh, and puzzles, and Magna Doodle.  She loves watching "Sillyville", and chasing Daddy around when he gets home.  She is BEYOND obsessed with going outside and exploring with Daddy.

But, these are by far her favorite toys right now.  In no particular order.

Here we have Elmo on the far left, who teaches her colors and shapes when you press his belly.  Then we have Abby on the far right, Elmo's partner in crime.  They sit with Reilly on her big girl chair.

The little baldy is Baby RJ (for Reilly Junior), which was a special Big Sister gift from Mima and Poppy.  She came with a diaper bag, bottle, bib, and changes of clothes.  Reilly changes her when I change Reagan - it's precious.

But personally, I think the little brunette in the middle is the cutest.  And Reilly's favorite as well.  She always wants to change Baby Reagan, or "hold it" (I keep trying to tell her that Reagan is a "her" and not an "it"), and every morning she loves to say hi to her, and will only go to sleep after she kisses her goodnight.  When we went to the doctor for Reagan's rash, the doctor started looking her over on the table and Reilly started trying to climb up to see Reagan and said "Mommyyy what happened!!"  She did NOT want this strange lady bothering our Reagan!  She poops a little more than Baby RJ, but she's way cuter.  We'll keep her. :)


  1. Is that the "American Girl- Bitty Baby"? My sister wants to get one for Lucie, because it's the only baby doll she can find that has red hair... and the cloth diapers that match Lucie's are supposed to fit it.

  2. PS- Was it a diaper rash? I've found corn starch helps better than any cream when it's rashy. When not so rashy, I use CJ's BUTTer Spray, and it makes Lucie's bum smell like roses... or well... honeyed pachouli... because that's the scent we're using now.