Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Her First 2 Weeks

Reagan's first 2 weeks have been so much fun.  The weather has been beautiful, we are still in our "baby cocoon" where I don't take her into any stores/public places for several weeks, to keep her healthiest, Daddy is getting home nice and early, the days are longer and brighter, we have had lots of nice relaxing time with family.  It is so different from Reilly's first days, where there was a lot of questions and nerves.  We are very relaxed, old pros at the newborns thing!
But we have had other learning experiences, that we didn't have last time!  Learning to go on no sleep when there is a very excited toddler to wake up to every morning, learning how to teach a 22 month old about how fragile a new baby is, learning how to share time and attention between two little loves.  We are adjusting and learning every day, and Reilly is being such a little trooper, stepping up to being Mommy's big-girl-helper!

When we first came home, I got this fear that Reilly would wake up one day and be sick of the "new baby", and not want her there anymore.  Like the novelty would wear off once she realized she was here to stay.  But every morning, her first words are "See Baby Reagan?"  She rarely called her anything but "Baby Reagan".  Before bed or before her naps, she will always ask "Kiss Baby Reagan?  Huggie Baby Reagan?"  Nothing makes me happier than hearing these words.  She loves her so much, and is such a little helper.  She doesn't seem to be showing any jealousy at all - she is more jealous when I am on the phone than when I am holding Reagan!  She even understands that she needs to wait for certain things while "Baby Reagan eatin'". 

Speaking of which, I was breastfeeding the other day, when Reagan has only been home a few days.  I talked a lot about breastfeeding with Reilly before Reagan was born so she would understand a bit more and be prepared for the addition to our schedule.  So I was breastfeeding her early in the morning in our bed, and Hubby said to Reilly, "What's baby Reagan doing?", because he was in the kitchen.  And Reilly looks at me and then yells to him, "Eatin' the boobies!"  I just about died.  This is what she announces when I breastfeed.  She cracks me up.

The days go by SO fast with these two girls, keeping me so busy!  The nice weather has helped, allowing us to go outside and get some fresh air, and take some walks.  I'm convinced the 75 degree weather in March is a direct answer to my prayers - so you are welcome, northeast America.  :)  Our days are filled with Sesame Street, breastfeeding, lots of diapers, coloring with markers, coloring with chalk, letters and numbers, iPad games (only when Mommy is breastfeeding), Wee Sing in Sillyville (Reilly's favorite movie), raisins, shapes and colors, Play Doh, walks outside, and naptimes.  Well, Reagan and Reilly take naps.  I take that time to nourish myself and do laundry.  I am somehow surviving on very little sleep currently, because Reagan is becoming a grunty little sleeper, and is keeping me up even while she sleeps.  Luckily, she isn't crying, and doesn't wake up her sister.  So Reilly wakes up bright-eyed at 7am, while Mommy makes a bee-line for the coffee press!  Ha.

 Her first two weeks have been filled with lots of emotions - most of all happiness and joy.  It really feels like she's always been here, as strange as that sounds...it feels like its been so much longer!  I have been loving going through all of Reilly's clothes and putting all my favorites on Reagan (and of course some new things from Mima and Poppy :)).  I have even been loving folding teeny little onesies again!  Speaking of which, laundry calls!

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