Thursday, February 21, 2013


 Okay, so who can't believe this little beanie is turning one next month??  I can't!  It's so funny to me how little she still seems...I know that she will be one, but she seems so much closer to a baby than Reilly did when she was turning one.  Maybe it's because she is the baby, so therefore, she will always be a baby in my mind.  Well, here are some little fun facts about 11 month old Reagan Kate.

 She MOVES.  Anywhere she wants, and very fast, in her army-crawl fashion.  She also climbs!  She can sit up from laying down on her belly now, so she is puller herself up onto chairs, baskets, basically anything she can hold onto.  Especially is she sees a rogue Cheerio that she is trying to capture.  It's funny how determined she is.

 She is the most easygoing baby, ever.  Some people would say that since Reilly was such a good baby, that we would never have another who was the same way. (I know, really nice to say to a new mom, right?!)  But Reagan continues to be just a little lovie blessing.  She giggles in the morning when she wants to be picked up.  Literally.  We don't hear her crying, we hear her laughing at her sister.  She lets us know when it is 7:00 pm on the nose (or 6:45 if she had a particularly exhausting day), by rubbing her face with the back of her hand, and sucking on her thumb like it's her last meal. :)  Cutest thing ever.  And we sing a song, put her in her crib, and she snuggles to sleep.  She is a little angel, and I tell her so every night and day.

 Speaking of sleep, Reagan loves it.  She's just like her mama was/is.  She take 2 naps a day, each 2 hours long most days. Then she sleeps her good 11-13 hours a night.  I mean seriously - girlfriend loves her beauty rest. :)

 I can't even take how my heart bursts when she smiles at me.

Some things Reagan Kate loves: playing with her sister.  Playing ANYTHING with her sister.  They sit in her room and scream back and forth, Reilly walks down the hallway and says, "C'mon Rea!" and she follows after her, laughing the whole time.  This goes on, up and down the hallway.  They sit in the playroom together and empty our toy bins, happy as clams.  Reilly brushes her hair.  Reilly bring her her favorite toys.  Listening to them together when they are playing "by themselves" is the sweetest thing ever.

She loves little lighting up toys, or anything that sings or makes music of any kind.  This includes remotes and telephones.  But nothing goes in the mouth - so different from our Reilly!

She loves sucking her little thumb, and being rocked and sang to.  She is a little snugglebug.

She loves when Daddy comes home.  She giggles and flaps her arms around in excitement, right alongside her screeching sister.  All that, and a hot meal?  Quite the homecoming this guy gets. ;)

She LOVES bathtime and the water.  Especially because it means time with Reilly and Daddy.

 Little chicken is literally so happy.  She is the most content baby, and will sit quietly in a restaurant, grocery store, pretty much anywhere.  The only times she makes any noise, is when it is time for a meal, time for her nap, or she sees Mama and realizes that Mama is doing something fun and exciting (like making lunch!) without Reagan on her hip.  The nerve!

Another fun Reagan fact - she has adult hair.  Honestly, look at that gorgeous head of hair!  I've never heard of an 11 month old getting so many compliments on her hair.  Strangers and constantly commenting on how beautiful it is.  Its so shiny and wavy, but she has had adult hair since birth!  It's so funny.  It's going to be so fun to see how it grows.

She started shaking her head back and forth (like "no"), but only when she it trying to be silly and play.  It's the funniest thing. She gets this smirk and lowers her head down, and shakes it, waiting to you to do it back to her. 

It is actually a challenge to not pick up this little muffin and squeeze her and kiss her all the day long.  We love you in the moon, Reagan Kate.  You are the cherry on top of our family.  You, Reagan Kate, are an angel.  And don't you every forget it.

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  1. Mima/Papa love you our little beauty Reagan!!