Saturday, February 2, 2013

Good Morning, Rea Rea!

We say "Good Morning" to our babygirl many times a day!  Man, is she a little sleeper.  She settles right down, sucking her thumb.  It wasn't always so easy, she used to cry and cry when being put down to sleep, so this has been such a dream.

Reilly LOVES when her sissy wake up.  She hears the first little sound that she makes, and goes busting in her room.  I have to remind her to be quiet so we don't scare her with out excitement. :)

 She dances and sings while Reagan laughs, and says "Good MORNING big girl!"  just like she hears her Mama say.

Reagan is a little perplexed by her silly dancing sister.

But it never takes long till we see her sweet smile.
 She's our little snuggle angel.
Speaking of bed time, someone has been loving her big girl bed!  It's like a new toy she can't get enough of.  It's so fun tucking her in, all cozy.

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