Friday, April 12, 2013

Those Days

 Those days when the little muffin has a runny nose and can't sleep, and the bigger muffin's favorite word is "no".

Those days when their favorite activity either involves emptying toys bins, emptying sock drawers, emptying diaper baskets, or bubbles indoors.
 Those days when every single meal, a plate of food ends of flipped over.  (I mean, what are the chances?)

Those days that are rainy and chilly, and we never seem to make it out of our pajamas.

 Those days when Daddy comes home from work with an iced coffee, and you swear this is how it feels to win the lottery.

Those days when you can't get a full meal, because both little chickies want to share everything you eat, even when they just ate.

Those days when no matter how hard you try all day long, the counter stays cluttered till bedtime.
Those are the days when I climb into bed, and find that it's covered with picture books and sippy cups.  And I realize:  I have the best job in the entire world.

Even on those days, we still snuggle in Mommy's bed in the afternoon and read book after book, and laugh at Reagan was she wants to hold every single book after we read them.

 Those are the days when I realize as I go to sleep, that there is no place I'd rather be than taking care of these babies all day.  There is no way I'd rather wake up than hearing "Mommy, I'm awake!"  There is no one else I'd rather share my pancakes with.

 Those are the days that I go to sleep with a messy counter, socks all over the floor, and really happy sleeping babies.

And I am grateful to the wonderful God who gave them to us, and gave me the job to raise them.

Even on "those days".


  1. are a wonderful mama

  2. What a great post! Keep those cherrios out of the bed please.

  3. (the above comment was by Hubby, fyi)