Monday, April 1, 2013

Painting Buddies

 This chick LOVES painting.  It's no wonder, it's in her genes. :)  But whenever Mama is painting, Reilly is painting too.  And yes, in the above picture, we are using actual wall paint to prime our project.  I was brave, but I like to just let her use all kinds of paints and not make anything off limits.  I want her to learn how to use everything, and just throw down our tarp and clean up after.  Sometimes this works in my favor, sometimes we have paint on our couch.  But either way, we have fun!  And she is a very careful girl, she knows that painting is no joke to her Mama!

 Here we are doing some updating to some star mirrors we had.  They used to live in our room, but I had a new idea for them in the new house.  They were red and blue...but I let Reilly pick what color we painted them, since they were going to live in her playroom.

 She chose pink.  Shocker. :)

Every time we are in the playroom and she is playing dress up in her mirrors, she asks if I remember when we painted them together.  I love that she can help me do these projects, and then feel proud of something she created.

 Of course I remember, sweet girl.  Our painting days are my favorite days.

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