Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Playtime Favs

I have the funnest playmates ever.  I'm convinced.

Yesterday, Reilly asked me to paint her nails gray.  Not pink.  Not purple.  Gray. I love her.

She loves:  princesses of all kinds, specifically her teeny tiny ones that she loves to sleep with,  stuffed animals (Ellie, Pally, Ani, Bubblegum), any dolls, anything that Mommy's (specifically makeup), hairbrushes, Sofia the First, any and all books, signing the alphabet, writing in her dry erase princess books, coloring, her "Smencil" (smelly pencil), all of her Ariel's, building with her wooden blocks, puzzles, when her sister follows her around, FaceTime, dressing up in anything, baking, singing and dancing, bubbles, swings and slides, and anything outside.

And she loves: Following her sister around, being tickled, standing and climbing like a big girl, any and all of Reilly's toys, her little princesses, holding the teeny wooden blocks in her teeny little hands, sitting in her new big girl chair, anything that lights up and sings to her, playing "rolly polly ball" with Reilly, FaceTime with our New York family (seriously LOVES it), bathtime, being in any water, being outside and on the swings, bubbles, and when Daddy comes home.

Today in the car, the first few bars of Taylor Swift's "Trouble" came on.  Reilly immediately yelled, "Mommy this is Taylor SWIFF!"  Sometimes, I think she'll be cooler than me by the time she is 4.  :)

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