Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Talking to Her

My favorite favorite favorite thing these days, is listening to this one tell me stories.  Anything.  Literally anything and everything she says or talks about, is hilarious and amazing to me. The way she tells stories is so funny and entertaining, I could listen to her talk all day.

Okay, I DO listen to her talk all day.

Here she was talking to me, and I was snapping because I am in love with her serious "story-telling" faces.

This was midday, not even close to naptime.

"Mommy, look at us! Ariel and I are pretending to be sleeping outside!  We are outside, not inside, and we are having a SLEEPOVER!"

 "And guess what?  After our sleepover, she is going to call her best friend Cinderella to come over and play!"

 "Okay, g'night!  You can leave the door open, because we're just pretending."

I mean, okay.  I'm in love with talking to you.

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