Monday, March 11, 2013

Light Fixtures

This was the Birthday of the Light Fixtures.  It was kind of accidental, but I got a lot of light fixture for/around my birthday.  And I couldn't have been more excited!!

Light fixtures being your favorite birthday gifts : a sure sign you are getting old. 

This was the first one, a birthday gift from my parents. And boy, is she a beauty!  She lives in our entryway.  Perfect mix of statement, yet understated.  I just love it. 

After our fun trip to New York, this was a surprise that I came home too, from my amazing Hubby.  I mean, the thoughtfulness of getting the gorgeous chandelier for me, but also of putting it up for me as a surprise!  It was the funnest surprise to come home to. :)

 Speaking of light fixtures, this was the first one Hubby and I tackled.  It was a total DIY project, and man are we proud of this puppy.

These suckers go for like 80 bucks online.  But we used glass from an old (read:ugly) fixture that came with the house.  We got a cheap mini-pendant lamp kit from Home Depot, and voila!  I love it. 

Another surprise light fixture, was this one that Hubby made as well!  This hanging lamp was actually my idea.  These lamps are ones that Hubby uses in Mantown, and I always loved their industrial look.  They are like $7 at Home Depot, which was exciting!  I love when things that I think are cool, are actually really cheap as well. 

So the only thing we didn't like about this fixture was that the part that attached to the ceiling didn't match the rest of it.  So here is what I did to fix it!

1. I got a can of semi-gloss black spray paint.
2. Haphazardly tape newspaper up to the ceiling.  Make sure you use the most minimal amount of tape. 
3. Begin spraying.  Totally forget that spray paint drips. Start panicking.
4. Try wiping the light fixture and window sill immediately with wet paper towel, watch it smear around and not work at all.
5.  Take out the Magic Eraser, and magic erase the surfaces.  Become even more marveled/frightened of the Black Magic Eraser and it's mystical cleaning powers.
6. Suddenly realize you are still wearing your rings.
7. Magic Erase your rings.
8. Return to your project and quickly finish spraying.

This did not come off after multiple scrubs.  You should probably be more careful than me.  My motto is craft now, fix later.

 But look!  My light!
 I love it so much.  Yay, $7 work lights - turned - ceiling lights!

Yes, my sink was full of dishes.  That's why this picture was strategically taken.
Yes, I chose to spray paint before doing my dishes.  Ya gotta have priorities, that's what I always say.
No, I never say that.
It's time to mop my house.  Let's see what makes it's way ahead of that chore today. :)

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