Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 One day, you might get sick of me telling you how sweet you are.  But I can't find a better word to describe you, little bean.  You are such a sweet, gentle, happy little soul.  You are Reilly's perfect little sidekick, and boy does she love having you following her everywhere she goes.  You bring happiness to every room you are in, from the moment you enter it.  Whether it's by your adorable little faces, your giggles, or your sweet, calm disposition.  Anyone who spends longer than 10 minutes in the same room with you will comment on what an amazing little baby you are - so content, so happy, never complaining.

I just re-read what I wrote when you were one month old, and was once again struck by the similarities to how you are now.  You still love when your sister sings to you.  You are still the BEST sleeper.  Like, seriously.  You sleep 12 hours a night, and take 2 naps a day, each 2 hours long.  But then again, Mama would do the same if given the chance!

 And the reason you are such a good sleeper, is because you are such a good eater!  You fill that little tummy up, and then are ready to get your beauty sleep.  You had only breast milk until 6 months, and then started eating real food purees.  Since the moment you started eating real food, you have never ever spit out one bite!  You have loved everything you ate.  And now, you are eating totally table foods (and have been for a few months now).  You get all giddy when it's mealtime!

 You are the most excitable little thing.  It's not hard to make you smile or giggle.  You start your day babbling and shrieking happily in your crib, and end your day with your little thumb in your mouth and your head on Mama or Daddy's shoulder.  (For the record, I will be totally fine with you sucking your thumb until graduation.  Seriously the cutest thing ever.)

 You are such babbly, chatty little thing!  You have so many conversation with Reilly and I every day.  You love being one of the girls and being involved in all that we do. 

 You are just a little piece of heaven, baby.  If you are in our arms, you are happy.  If your sister is near you, you are giggling.  If you see your Daddy, you squeal.  And I hope that you always rub your eyes and cheeks when you are sleepy the way that you do, because it just makes us melt.

 You girls will be best friends, I can see it.  When one laughs, the other laughs. When one screams, the other screams.  It's hard to believe that it's only been one year since we have been singing our "Her Name Is Rea Rea" song to you.  You are a blessing to us each day, and we are so thankful for you sweet Reagan.

Happy Birthday Angel!!

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