Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reagan's First Birthday!

 This weekend was Reagan Kate's first birthday party!!  It was SO much fun, so I thought I'd share a few million pictures. :)  Once the party started it was really hard to take pictures, so most of these are before or after the party.
The theme for our party was "Our Lucky Charm", since her birthday is in March we did a shamrock/green/St. Patty's/lucky charm theme!  Lucky Charm as in the cereal, not as in like rabbit's feet.  Our day started with Daddy eating a bagel, and his girls swarming him for bites. 

 Then it was time for the little beans to get dressed!  I mean, I could just melt looking at that face.

Thank you for getting me dressed, Mima!

 Big sister and I, sneaking tastes of dessert in the morning.  We are such rebels.

 Our day was filled with family and friends, and lots of love for our little beans.  I will always remember this day by what a little angel girl Reagan is.  She was happy and smiling the WHOLE day.  Like, she never even whined.  And she skipped her must-have afternoon nap, too!  She is such a little bundle of sweetness, that it's kind of hard to put into words.  (Both my parents and Hubby's parents tell us how Reagan's temperament is EXACTLY how he and I were as babies. So happy, so laid back, so easy going.)

We had lots of yummy things to eat, which I will show tomorrow.  We had lots of fun decorating and celebrating our tiniest family member.

 Hi friends!  Welcome to my party!

 Hubby and I love these pictures of us and our girls, but we were deciding if it's odd to have a picture of our family, with a picture of our family in the background! Ha. I still love it. :)

 Mima and Papa came to visit for the weekend! As did Mimi, E, and Uncle Matt.

 Balloons made Reagan kick and wiggle. :)
 Mama and Daddy love you, patootie!

 Beansie ate up a storm, as usual!  She loved her pasta salad.
 And her first taste of cupcake!  And all sugar in general!

 This will always be one of my favorite pictures.  I mean, you couldn't even plan a picture this perfect. Love that little angel face.
 Yum Yums!

 Big sister helped us open presents!  And she even got a few too. :)

 Big girls, just chillin' with their cookies post-party.

Our girls came over when it was close to bed time, as you can see by the babygirls body language. :)  It was a fun-filled day, ending with some wine and our first Beauty and the Beast viewing!

Happy Birthday, our sweet sweet baby.  We had the best time celebrating the first year of your beautiful life.

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