Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Park

Fun Fact: Mommy LOVES the park.  Like, maybe more than the kiddos.  I have the parks in my town/surrounding towns ranked according to a few different things: fun activities (a park without swings? Really?), cleanliness, how crowded it is, and how creepy the people are that frequent the park.  (One park by us has approximately 13 parents ALL smoking while they play with their kids.  I mean, if you want to smoke, that's fine...just don't do it on my kids.  The park was literally hazy.)

So you can imagine my excitement when we moved to our new community, and we have OUR OWN PARK.  Not only is it our own private park, but it. is. perfect.


 Can  we JUST take a moment to talk about Reagan's hair.  I mean, really.  It's almost not normal how cute it is.

 Our park is right on a LAKE!  (And an outdoor pool. And a Beach House restaurant. More on that in the summah-time. ;) )

 Daddy teaching Reilly on the big girl swing!

 And then all the girls went down the slide holding hands!

 Teasing ;)
 Baby + Daddy.  Nothing sweeter.

This park is sure to provide us with hours and hours of fun in the years to come.

Dear New Park,
You magically came with our house, and we didn't even see you until yesterday.  And yet, you are perfect.  You make us smile.

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