Thursday, March 7, 2013

Party Details

 These are all the fun things that we prepared for Reagan's big day!  I have so much fun picking a theme and making all the decorations and thinking of food ideas.

 I printed all the pictures that I took each month and made a little display of her growth.  I love looking at it!
 Here's the tissue paper puffs, which were the funnest things ever to make.  SO magical.
 Reagan banner, made from paper so pretty that it shouldn't even be considered paper.  It's literally covered in glitter.  And if your wondering who took that gorgeous photo, it was of course Gina Lenz.  Go get pictures taken, tell her Kate sent you!  For real, you won't regret it.

 A close up of my little beans pictures.

 Reagan Birthday hutch!
Reagan Birthday calendar!  We kind of get excited about birthdays. :)

The inspiration for the whole "Lucky Charm" theme was this dessert!  I didn't really follow the recipe, but instead layered vanilla pudding, fresh whipped cream, and lucky charms.  We put it in the freezer just to let it set for a half hour, and instead forgot it in there and left it in for about 5 hours. HA. But I recommend it partially frozen!  My brother named it "Death By Vanilla", because it is a vanilla-lovers sugar-filled dream.

Some of the beverages, water with lime and cucumber and iced green tea.

Sister's AMAZING creation!  Green sangria - containing every green fruit imaginable (pears, green apples, limes, honeydew melon, kiwi, grapes), white wine, champagne, and some Midori melon.
Like I said, AMAZE.

 Magically Delicious cupcakes :)

All the desserts!

Also on the menu was: Irish Beef Stew (containing beer AND wine, to die for), St. Patty's Pesto Hummus, and Lucky Charm Pasta Salad. :)

Can't wait till our next party "on May" in Reilly's words!  The theme is already decided, and some decorations will be recycled because that's how we roll. :)

And Reagan's theme for next year might also be decided as well.  Maybe. Top secret.  Party planning is addicting! :)

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  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful house!! Your home is so warm and inviting!!