Monday, March 11, 2013

This Day.

This day will be remembered as the day that I caught the bug that has been going through the house, no matter how much I tried to resist.

As well as the day that Reagan was THE HAPPIEST and giggliest I have literally every seen her.  I needed that today.

This day will be remembered as the day when Reilly acted 4 times her age, and said things like "How are you feeling now, Mommy?" and rubbed my face.  I needed that today, too.

This will also be the day that none of us, even for a second, entertained the thought of changing out of our pajamas.

Now I am feeling a bit better, and Hubby is fixing tea and soup.

Even on a day like this, I find that God provides everything I need. And for that, and these people who I live with, I still find reason to be thankful for days like this.

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