Monday, November 11, 2013


1. I feel like this will be our biggest baby thus far (Hubby agrees).  I don't know why, just a gut feeling.  And the fact that the baby feels like it is taking my my ENTIRE abdomen, from my neck to...well..where it's going to come out.  Sorry.  The ninth month always requires brutal honesty

2. I have no prediction or feeling as to the gender.  I never do.  It actually strikes me as hilarious when people are super confident about what they think I am carrying.  "OH you are ALL boy!" ...Really?  I'm pretty sure it's still 50/50. Ha. I don't know why, when anyone acts like they know what I'm having, I always want to chuckle at the silliness of guessing (especially because most of the time, they are complete strangers).

3. The back and rib pain that I am currently experiencing is borderline worse than labor.  Now hear me out.  Labor is the worst. pain. ever.  But, there is an end in sight.  I am constantly in a state of extreme soreness/bruised ribs/aching/none of these words adequately describe the pain, and realistically I am only 36 weeks along and this could continue for WEEKS.  Day and night.  Laying down doesn't bring relief.  See where I'm going here?  I currently desire a pain that I know to be the worst I have ever felt, in order to end this pain, because at least I KNOW that the baby is quickly on it's way.  End of complaining.

4.  I don't feel like I will go for 4 more weeks... I think it will be (hope it will be) this week.  I am basing this on a few very scientific facts.  First, this is how my body felt right before labor with both my other girls.  Hopefully this is some sort of pattern.  Second, I think God loves me too much to make me live 4 more weeks in such pain.  Sounds legit, right? So really, I'm just arbitrarily hoping that I'm right.

5. 11/11 would be a cool birthday!  As would 11/12/13!  I mean, right?

6 . Every so often, in between hoping I go into labor soon, I feel the baby kicking and moving like a little ninja-ballet dancing-gymnast, and I get overcome with a fear that I have to push this baby out.  Like really soon.  And I start getting flashes of this day and this day.  And I feel bits of panic that take deep breathes to get rid of.  Then I pray and push it out of brain and pretend it will be really easy.  Instead of the truth, which is that it's completely unpredictable.  Praying, more praying.

7. Every time I feel an abdominal pain, I get REALLY excited and giddy.  Pregnancy hormones are so weird.

8. Yesterday was raining, so we had family day going food shopping and walking laps around Home Depot.  It's Reilly and Daddy's favorite store. :)  We looked at all the Christmas decorations, Daddy went to get us coffee and some Dunkin treats while we walked and walked.  And yet...still no labor. 

9.  I am grateful for every day that my baby is inside me and it's lungs are getting stronger, until the final moment when God decides it's ready.  (But I will be especially grateful if that day is today.)  ;)

Thank you for listening.  Who feels bad for my husband and what he has been putting up with lately? :)

In the meantime...we are waiting!


  1. the anticipation is killing me!!!!

  2. me too!!! I can not wait to hear that you've had your baby!!!
    I too wanted to laugh when people told me they knew what I was having!! NO YOU DON'T!!! ONLY GOD DOES!!!!!!! I remember that someone told me I was definitely having a boy because I was craving beer. I literally wanted to smack them right then and there!! hahahaaa!!!
    I remember sitting in the hospital bed when I was in labor with Isabella - I looked at Ryan and said, "It just hit me the pain I'm about to go through!" I don't know why I hadn't thought of it prior to that moment, but I was scared out of my mind at that instant... Then Ryan and I prayed and I felt a lot better. It's amazing how God knows what you need, what you can handle, and makes things so much better!!
    I hope and pray you go into labor today!! 11/12/13 is a perfect day to have a baby - especially for your math geeky hubby!! It's the little things like that that give us so much joy, us geeks!!
    I love you and I am praying that it happens VERY VERY VERY SOON!!!
    (if it helps, I did zumba 15 hours before I went into labor with Izzy, maybe dance around the house for a few! ) ;)