Friday, November 1, 2013

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

 This year, Reilly chose her Halloween costume way back in the summer. She wanted to be Wendy Darling.  I just love that she wanted to be an old fashioned character, and not one of her many beloved princesses that you would expect her to be.  She's so unpredictable, our girl.  But Wendy Darling was definitely her dream costume.

 Here she is breaking into "WE CAN FLY, WE CAN FLY!" at 6:45 am before she and Daddy left for school.  She got to have Pixie Dust in her hair and everything!  Now, tracking down a Wendy Darling costume..not so easy.  Let's just say, it's actually a custom handmade Amish nightgown that took 7 1/2 weeks to ship.  But it came, and she was thrilled!

 Her cutie little pre-school class going trick-or-treating!  I sent Daddy with the camera to capture the fun. :)

 Reilly and her friends!

Here is my attempt at getting a picture of the two peanuts in costume.  :)  Reagan was Tink!  I just loved their costumes this year.

 I have no idea what was happening here. 

 Okay, here is where they went up on stage and burst into their "We Can Fly" song once again.  Complete with dancing. :)

 Yay, smiles!  We were waiting until it was time to go trick-or-treating if you can't tell by the excitement. :)

 Mama bundled us even though we soon found out it was almost 60 degrees outside.  It looked very damp!  And my body temperature is ALWAYS hot so for most of the day, I thought it was just me who was warm. Until I saw the temperature in my car. Then the gloves and headbands came off. :)

 They are holding the exact buckets that my siblings and I used when we were little. :)

 Reagan looks quite stylish in her winter gear, I must say.

 Lovey girls. <3 p="">
Trick or treating was SO much fun.  We took it very easy since Mama has been bed resting (although, the only reason I went at all was because I got a good report from the doctor on Tuesday! Yay!).  We walked slowly, and avoided hills. :) My water bottle didn't leave my hand the whole time, and even so I kept feeling contractions.  It's crazy how much my body reacts to the glad I have been taking it easy, or I'm convinced this baby would be here already.

The whole time we were walking around, Reilly would ask "Are we still trick-or treating?!"  It was so funny.  Reagan loved it too, she kept saying "Tuck-a-tee!"  We ended by going down Main St. and trick or treating at the shops, and then picking up pizza for dinner.  We had so much fun.

Here is my first babygirl at 8:15 after waiting up for the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special. :)  She passed out, after watching a few minutes of the movie and giggling because "baby is kicking my cheek"!

This was one of my favorite Halloween's...both of them were really able to anticipate it and enjoy every part of it.  And now it's pretty much Christmas season!! :)


  1. That last pic is very reminiscent of you sleeping on my pregnant belly before I had Matt!