Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Sink Saga

 Here I go distracting myself with writing, since I am still not in labor... ;)

This is the sink that was in our house when we moved in.  Nice and big, we didn't think it was too bad.  Until we started using it.  Turns out, the double-bowl sink, combined with the short and very low faucet, made it pretty impossible to wash dishes.  Look at the sink and try to picture washing a giant pot.  Water only reaches one corner, must use the sprayer...and spray yourself and your whole kitchen.  Now picture trying to wash a large cookie sheet.  It must lay right on top of the separator in order to get soaked in water.  And then spills over down your cabinets.  See where I'm going here?  This sink/faucet combo just made dish washing MUCH more difficult than it had to be, and made the process process pretty miserable.

We thought about just replacing the faucet to save some money (which we had done in our old house as well), to something with a longer neck.  But then we realized that we didn't prefer the double bowl sink, and eventually would like to have one large single bowl.  So we decided to wait until we could do both at once.

 Another "before" picture of our sink.

(As I was taking "before" pictures, I head someone next to me saying "Chee! Chee!"  and then I turned and saw this face.)
 Anyway, bringing us to the saga.  We decided we wanted a granite composite sink, because we had seen it at a friend's house and loved it.  It is actually a little cheaper than the stainless steel, and we thought it looked awesome.  It is also so easy to care for, so we went for it.  We wanted black, and one large bowl that was nice and deep (at least 9 inches).  With these specifications, and where we live, we had to go online.  Long LONG story short, we had 2 SINKS delivered from Home Depot that came totally cracked.  Each time Hubby had to lug the sink back to the store to return it.  Thanks but no thanks Home Depot.

Then I went to another site, where there were very high ratings, many of which mentioned how well it was packed and what great condition it came in!  Awesome!  So my brother-in-laws came over to do the installation, and took the sink totally out of the packaging, and found a crack under the styrofoam.  THAT IS OUR THIRD BROKEN SINK.  Keep in mind, this process took WEEKS at this point.

So Hubby's brothers told us about a local plumbing store that has a showroom.  The boys had other things to fix at the house, so I went right there to see if they happened to have what we needed.  At this point, I just wanted a sink in!  I was willing to compromise if I had to.  But not really compromise, because we had been waiting so long for something that we would have forever!  Oh, was I ever torn driving into that plumbing supply store.  Good thing I had a latte in hand.

 Turns out, they had one!  The only difference was, the sink they had was brown instead of black (which we ended up loving).  I am so grateful to my brothers-in-law for staying to install it!!  The box wouldn't fit in my trunk, so the guy at the store took the sink out of the box and plopped it directly into my trunk.  I might have called him a genius.  Then I high-tailed it home, called Hubby and asked him to pick up some pizza, brought my plumbers some coffee, and sat down. PHEW.  Then we had to wait 24 hours to use it, in which I just stared at it and texted Hubby, saying, "It's been 18 hours. Don't you think it's dry?"
Every day since has been glorious in the land of dish washing.  Seriously, it is an enjoyable task now!  It's unbelievable what a difference a giant, deep sink makes in the ease of washing dishes.  I can SOAK my roasting pans a cookie sheets, WHILE WASHING A POT. 

And can we just talk about washing a little baby snuggly newborn angel in this beauty?

But probably my FAVORITE part about the that it never looks full.  Therefore, the kitchen always looks infinitely cleaner than ever before!  A clean empty sink is just the best.  Need proof that it never looks full?...

It had my largest pan and biggest mixing bowl in it for entire "after" photoshoot!!  Crazy right?!

So there you have the saga of the sink!  Which has a happy ending.  :)

p.s.  I'm still pregnant. ;)


  1. All I kept thinking is..... What a great bath for the new baby!

  2. I love the sink!! It's beautiful, and what a great story (I know it must have been so frustrating waiting and every time it came in cracked!!! Uggh!!)
    I dreamed that you were in labor last night... lets hope that it is a sign!! :)

  3. oh that is a beautiful sink..
    p.s i'm pregnant too (32 weeks).. and giving away baby products on my blog..

  4. Great looking sink, indeed. That should really be quite an object of envy for a lot of people. It also means that its maintenance would entail more than mere passing effort. You're probably keeping it in great shape, as we can see. Which is a great reminder to not skimp on these kind of details in home building.

    Katrina Spencer

  5. It does look pretty convenient in its volume and space, which can help deal with piles of dirty plates at once. The only other necessity is to have the pipes and the drainage acting up right without any further complications. Good luck!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing

  6. I could only imagine the effort you had to exert while washing in the double-bowl sink. It can be really challenging to wash big stuff in there. Anyway, the new one looks great! I think it’s worth all the headaches that you had in finding the perfect replacement.

    Lavern Knight @ Midland Mechanical Inc.