Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Football and Fall Things, 2

Get ready for picture overload!  Football games make for some really fun pictures, and I clearly couldn't resist. :)

 Papa and Babygirl doing a princess look-and-find in the kitchen. Don't tell his football players. ;)

Reagan was sitting on the "stage" by the window eating her cereal, and Mima decided to keep her company and have a chat over coffee. :)

Mama and Reilly had all matching sweatshirts at the big game. :)

Reilly LOVED the game.  She cheered and screamed the whole time.  We kept having to correct her as she scream "GET EM!!" at the top of her lungs when we were on offense. Her favorite part, by far, was the cougar mascot, and the halftime show.  Girlfriend loves to dance!

Beansie is a little more serious and serene during the game.  She would pump her little fist and say, "GO GO!"  But during the halftime show, this was the face we got. :)

This one, on the other hand...


Hubby and Wifey on the sideline keeping offense and defense!
Oh, hi E!

It's a family affair on the field...
Daddy, Brother, Sissy.  Yes, I was on the field for the last 3 minutes.  And yes, I had a bodyguard.

Who is more into the game?? You they all take a step towards the action.

OH, hey girl!  Don't get hit by those tackling men in front of you! ;)

WE WON!  Still undefeated!! YAY COUGARS!

Post-game speech, pumping up the kids.

Post-game kissies for Uncle Matt. :)

Go Coaches!!
#1 Fan, she is!

Do I look this cute when I chase my kids around?? Doubtful. Haha.

Mimi hearts Rea Rea <3 br="">

And Rea Rea hearts Mimi :)
 This.  This is what is so hilarious and amazing about the second child.  She is 19 month old, but does things that a 3 year old would do because she watches her Sissy.  And the result is hilarity.  When she gets upset or mad (about the smallest thing, I think I said, "Reagan, come stand by Mommy." and she wanted to run), she will stop what she's doing and put her head in her hands in total despair.

I mean, how do you NOT think this is adorable and a little hilarious? 
Daddy turned the frown upside down!

Reilly, meanwhile found some balloons that she stole from some cheerleaders, and she instantly wanted to send them to Jesus.


Daddy tried to grab close!

We are twins, pretty much.

Reagan in Alyssa's glasses.  Amazing.

Pretty girls!

I did a quick headcount and realized, the whole family was together!! Picture time everyone!  Like you could make it out of an entire family gathering without a photo.  Psh. They're lucky I didn't have my tripod. ;)
All around super fun weekend of football wins and family dins!  Thank you Mima and Papa for all of your fun treats the whole weekend, you spoil us with your prizes and Dunkin. :)


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  2. I can't even!!! Beauty... your whole family is just amazingly beautiful!!
    Our girls are incredibly similar and I know we say it all the time - but it stinks we don't live closer!
    I just love your family, I love how they love life, love each other and spend time enjoying life with each other. It's so wonderful and so rare these days to see!
    I literally asked myself just this morning "Am I doing all I can to ensure that my girls have a similar relationship with me that Kate & Melissa have with Lori?" Literally, asked myself that this morning!!! I just really hope that they respect me as much and we share as much as you do with your mom. I am constantly in awe of you all and so inspired by you!!
    I can't even tell you!!

    1. Aww Amanda you are so sweet!! I seriously think of you and your girls almost every day...they would be best friends! We must have them see each other again so soon.
      And I ask myself that many days too...and I ask my Mom how she did it, and made our relationship the way it is. And then I just pray and pray that it continues through the generations. :)