Monday, October 21, 2013

Pre-School Fashion

 On the first day of school, we were obviously taking many pictures.  But then, every morning, I just couldn't let her walk out the door without taking a picture of her!  I can't explain it.  She just looked so darn cute, and every day still seems so special.  We prepare snack, do our hair, pick out shoes.  So I figured I'd do a post on her "Pre-School Fashions" as of lately. :)  

Most of these outfits came from Mima, our stylist. ;)

Cutie on her first day!

Warm weather means we get to wear our summer dresses still!  And with a "bouncy pony" by request.

Striking a pose to show off her sneaks.

Okay, this one kills me.  It was pajama day.  She was standing by the stairs, and I said, "Smile, Rei!".  She saw that I was taking her picture and said, "Oh wait!" and went and posed by the wall like this.  Hand on her hip, hand on the wall, knee bent.  WHAT.  Hubby said, "Where does she learn this?!"  She kills me.

Again, with the posing!

Then, she needed to take one making "a silly face".

Pretty in peach!  (And little sickie beansie with her juice and cereal! She saw Reilly standing by the wall, and backed up against the wall to be just like her.)

Fancy in her silver belt. ;)  Evidently we weren't in the mood for posing this morning.

Pretty in her Rapunzel dress!  She loves her sparkles.

I can't decide if dressing up babies or preschoolers is more fun! Love our little big girl. :)

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