Saturday, October 26, 2013

Football and Fall Things

 We recently went to Long Island to visit our family, do some fun fall things, and see Papa's undefeated team play at my Homecoming game!  We had such a fun weekend, and it was super relaxing with so many extra hands around to chase around the girlies.  They are in heaven at "the New York house".  I always love our annual fall visit, because we get to go to a football game and watch my Dad coach (which we love), and it always feels like a different season than here in the mountains!  By October here, all the leaves are changed, on the ground, trees are almost all bare, and the weather is borderline cold (let's forget about "chilly") all the time.  Suddenly we travel there, and most leaves are still green, starting to turn.  Hardly any leaves have fallen, no one has taken our their boots yet or even thought about's like going back in time a few months!  It's so funny to see the differences in climate. 

One activity we do every fall now with the girls is go to a nursery that we went to growing up every year, for every holiday.  Here is our trip from last year, I just love to see how they have grown!  Hair is a little longer, faces exactly the same. :)  This was my favorite tradition as a child, and continues to be as an adult. 

Reilly went in, with her cell phone of course.  (Notice the bare legs!  Am I right, with the weather??)

Here is Reagan's reaction to the walk-through story about Otto the ghost. :)  Somewhere right between terrified and mesmerized.

Mima reading Reillt the story, and Reilly looking through the 3D glasses.  It really is the cutest thing.

Girlfriends on the pretend hayride. :)

And I just die over these flower faces...

Reagan got a little sleepy toward the end, and there was no more pictures to be had without her Buddy and her thumb. :)  I don't even mind that she's not smiling, because this is so her, that her thumb-in-mouth face is just as sweet to me.

Mimi had to work that day, but on her way to work (at 6am, while we were all still sleeping) she dropped off a bag on Mima and Papa's doorstep with these matching shirts, and munchkins for the girls.  I mean, do you wish she was your aunt, or what?!  We called her at work and said "Reilly, leave a message for Mimi saying thank you!" That is all I said.  Here was her message:
"Hiiii Mimiii!  Thank you SO MUCH for the pumpkin shirts and the sprinkle munckins!  I just don't know what I'm gunna do with you Mimi, sure are so nice! I love you BYE!" 

She had her hand on her hip as she spoke.  Where does she get this from! Ha.  Is it me?  Did I create her and her phrases and her funny little way, or is it in her personality innately? Either way, she cracks us up daily.

Family picture with the pumpkins. Sleepy Reagan.  34 weeks baby bump. Handsome Daddy.  Daddy's little big girl.  Reagan wants to be a newborn again.  Wish me luck in a few weeks. Ha.

Then we were walking back to the parking lot, and Reilly was VERY sleepy.  She asked Mima to hold her, to which she obliged of course.  And then I saw this beautiful shot in my mind, and scrambled for my camera as I walked.  I didn't want to miss it, didn't want anyone to move, and didn't want anyone to know I was taking it till the last second so that their beautiful expressions wouldn't change. I waited until there weren't any SUVs behind them as we walked, and snapped one of favorite pictures of 2 of my favorite people.

My baby looks like a baby.  And, for that matter, my mama looks like a teenager. :) 

After we went home and everyone under the age of 4 passed our for a few hours, we went to Papa's field to run around their practice! Here is Reagan vs. Medicine Ball.  She didn't understand why she couldn't lift it. 
Notice Buddy on the ground.  We have 2 (she doesn't know it!), and one is constantly in the wash, while the other is in her hand. 

Reilly will definitely either be a cheerleader, or the first female football player for her school.  At this point, it really could go either way. ;)

Papa showing her how to throw a spiral.  My spiral might be better than my Hubby's. (His words, not mine!)  What can I say. ;)

Reilly got to blow the whistle for the team!

And Reagan ran around chasing footballs saying "BALL! BALL! BALL!"  There was a bag of about 6 of them, and yet she kept running toward the one that the giant boys were tackling each other over.  Cool. 

She thought Papa needed an extra, so she brought him one. :)

Reagan, in case you couldn't tell, is a really miserable child who is never laughs or smiles, doesn't like being tickled, and is rarely content.

Or, you know, the complete opposite.  All the time, every day of her life.

Dear New Baby, You are going to be surrounded by SO MUCH love every day of your life with these two chickens running around you.  I can't even imagine how many times a day I'm going to have to ask them to stop hugging and touching you so you can sleep...and what an amazing problem to have. :)

Part 2 coming next!  Too many pictures to load up on one. :)

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  1. Such beautiful memories!!! That was such a fun weekend!! Cant wait for the new lil munchkin!!