Tuesday, October 22, 2013

34 weeks!

This week, I am 34 weeks pregnant!  Just last week I started transitioning to that "uncomfortable" stage.  I've been very lucky this time - other than a little morning sickness in the beginning, I have felt extremely good and healthy this entire pregnancy.  But suddenly and almost overnight, I hit that "9 month" feeling.  Except this time it happened around 32 weeks.  Just very big and full (like the baby I'm carrying is already 6 pounds and has no more room!), and a lot more difficult to move around.  I can barely pick up little Reagan without feeling like I'm really straining myself, so I've stopped.  My Braxton Hicks contractions have increased dramatically - like I started getting at least one an hour.  Which is concerning, obviously.  But my doctor said that it is actually normal in the way that my pregnancies progress, and that I wasn't dilating yet (thank God).

So I have been laying really low, not doing anything extra (which is hard, when there is so much to be done), and have been crock potting instead of spending every night on my feet cooking.  Also, the biggest change I've made has been drinking a gallon of fluid a day (not including my coffee).  It is actually a chore to drink that much water!  I mean, a gallon.  I am barely hungry because of the amount that I am drinking - but the doctor said that the more I drink, the more hydrated my uterus will be (being a muscle after all), and therefore the less it will contract.  I fill my drink up as early as possible, and start chugging.  The nurse also told me to chug if I feel a contraction coming, and it will help it release.  I have always drank a huge amount throughout my pregnancies and while nursing, but I have now stepped it up to my main job each day.  Keep this baby in!

Reagan was born at 36 weeks, and was 7 pounds 5 ounces with no health concerns at all.  So in theory, I could have this baby in 2 weeks!! WHAT.  So exciting/crazy.  But I feel the end is close, I know how my body feels at the end by now, and it's definitely soon.

I have 21 meals in my freezer right now, and my goal was to have a month of meals ready for baby's first month home.  I might not get all the way to 30, but most of those meals will carry us over to a second night in leftovers, so I think we are looking good!

I'm packing my baby bag tonight!  EEK.  This makes me excited every time.

Reagan has a new game lately that she loves.  She says "Baby! Baby!" and runs over to my belly and pulls me down to the ground so I sit on the floor.  Then she lift up my shirt, because she HAS to see my bare belly all the time.  Then she goes over to her pretend kitchen, and puts her hand under the faucet, then comes over and rubs my belly all over (like she is putting lotion on it, which she sees me do many many times a day).  Then she takes all different foods and brings them from her kitchen to the "baby" and makes eating sounds.  It's pretty hilarious, especially because she made it up all by herself!


Reilly is very into asking all different questions about the baby.  She loves seeing it's tiny clothes, tiny hats, tiny car seat.  She asks "Can I rub the baby's arm?  Can I tickle the baby's belly? Can I smell the baby's head?" 

 (Can you EVEN handle the cuteness of my Rei Rei in this picture?!)

Hubby is taking over food shopping, laundry carrying, baby lifting, and tasks involving bending. :)  I am so grateful for not only his help, but also his attitude throughout doing so.  He has had an outlook that we all need to work together to keep this baby in and healthy, and he is doing more than his share in order to make sure that happens. It's to the point where if I am standing for too long or moving around too quickly, I really feel my body start reacting and need to sit down right away.  It's very different than the end of my past pregnancies...and I am very thankful that I have been able to rest as much as I have.

Any prayers are appreciated for a healthy baby and safe delivery :) 


  1. Hiya! I felt I should say hi from Orlando, (you have a random follower down here!) and that I'm thinking about your new wee one, and wishing you guys well! Good luck. :) - Lilly

  2. Ahhhh!!! You're so close!!! I'm so excited for you!! Praying every day that everything is great with your little baby!! You are such an amazing mom and your family is so beautiful Kate!!
    I can't believe you have 21 meals in your freezer, how incredible!!! Good for you!!!
    I love you and can't wait to meet your newest beauty!!!