Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Our Day Started

5:30 am.


Reilly:  Daddy?  I had a bad dream.
Daddy: Okay, want to come and snuggle?

Reilly: Okay!
 (Climbs in between us)

Reilly: Mommy!  I'm just gunna snuggle for a little while because I had a bad dream.

Mommy: Okay honey.

. . .

Reagan:  Waaahhh-ah-ah-ah-aha-ahh.

Daddy: (goes in to soothe her back down, songs, soothing, quiet...)

Reagan: WAAAHHHHHHH. (as Daddy tried to leave the room again)

(Daddy walks back into Mommy and Daddy's room, holding tired Reagan)

Daddy:  Well, it's party time! (Hands Reagan to Mommy)

Daddy: Okay, everyone has to be very quiet and go back to sleep, okay?

Reilly: She pushed me.

Funny things is?  I wouldn't trade that wake up for an alarm clock.  Even if it meant a few more minutes of sleep.  I love when we are all snuggled in that bed. (Don't tell the girls, we have to keep them thinking it's a special privilege!)

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