Monday, October 28, 2013

Her Praying Face

 Lately, Reagan has been making what we call her "angry praying face".  It's the most amazing face...she closes her eyes and bows her head all serious, and her eyebrows get VERY angry looking, and it's so hard for us not to all laugh.  Daddy grabbed the camera and tried to capture it (the real face is much angrier looking haha), but we did get a glimpse of it.  Girlfriend kept cracking up because she saw that she was the center of attention, and knew she was being so funny.

 Wondering what's going on, and why Daddy has the camera out during prayers...

 Oh, sorry Mama...I bein' serious now.

Until Mama started laughing at her serious praying face. :)


Sissy is imitating the angry face.  :)

A little bit more about Reagan lately:
1. She loves Elmo, Cinderella (Rella), and Ariel (AH-Rell!) She points them out wherever she sees them with the utmost of enthusiasm.
2. She can only barely tell the princesses apart, so she pretty much freaks out when she sees any of them and calls them Rella or Ariel.
3. She loves reading lately, and will constantly bring books over saying "BOOK! BOOK! BOOK!" She has her favorites, a board books called "Bambi's Big Surprise", and one about penguins called "Without You".  We read each of these like 5 times a day at least.
4. She waves at pictures of Reilly around the house and says "Hi Sissy! Hi Sissy! Hi Sissy!" over and over.  This started when Reilly started school and she missed her, but now she just does it all the time.  She was doing it the other day when Reilly was sitting at the kitchen table right across from her, and Reilly was getting so mad saying "Reagan! I'm right HERE!  The real talking Sissy is right here!!"  It was so cute.
5. She loves her Buddy (her blankie, which I spoke about in yesterday's post, which we had to buy a duplicate of on Ebay).  Buddy never leaves her side.  When she eats, we have a "Buddy Stool" where Buddy has to sit when we eat since we can't have toys at the table.  She pretty much tells me when she is ready for nap, by pick up Buddy and sucking her thumb walking around the house until I notice and put her down.
6. Yes, she still naps twice a day most days. And sleeps from 7pm-7am.  So jealous of her healthy sleeping habits. 
7.She and Reilly sit up singing and playing and chattering every night before bed, sometimes for an hour.  I secretly love it, and am pretty positive I would have them share a room even if we lived in a 7 bedroom mansion.
8. She has an obsession with apples and fruit, which she has pretty much had since birth.
9. She made up this hysterical game where she uses a little pretend needle from a doctor kit they have, and gives me shots in my arm.  I pretend to cry and she laughs hysterically.  Then she holds out her arm, she pretends to cry, and I laugh.  :)
10. She started saying "No" in a hilarious way, and we all  still laugh whenever she says it.

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