Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkins and a Corn Maze Fun!


 We had a spontaneously free Saturday last weekend, so we headed to our favorite pumpkin farm nearby.  We always try to go twice during the season for fresh apples (not from the tree, but you can tell they are fresh from the still-attached leaves!), pumpkins, and general farmer's markety fun. 

When we arrived, Reagan immediately started yelling PUH-KAHS! PUH-KAHS! and headed straights for the giant pumpkins. :) This farm usually has a whole field full of pumpkins, but this time had much less out.  I expressed my disappointment to Hubby (I just love when there is a whole field full!), and he reminded me that it wasn't even October yet.  And it was about 78 degrees out.  We are probably the only people who have already visited not one, but two pumpkin/apple farms already.  And we'll probably be back! :)

  (That smile!)

Disclaimer:  I realize that it seems like I must tell Reilly how to pose.  I do not.  She seriously is the most natural little model, it's hysterical. 

 HA Reilly sure loves those pumpkins!  And very weird...of all the ones there were to choose from...she picked the EXACT one that I would have picked.  Hubby and I have always had the same, very specific, opinion of the perfect carving pumpkin.  Apparently it got passed down to her.  She made us proud. ;)

The also have THE prettiest mums you ever want to see, in every color imaginable.  But this year I had to just stare and dream because I have evil deer who chomp off every gorgeous flower.  Okay, not so much "evil" as "hungry" I guess.  Whatever, they ruin my stuff.  But NEXT year...I am going to be prepared.  I'll have my pinterest-researched DIY homemade organic garden deer repellent spray ready to go! BOOM.

 The little chickies climbed up a giant stack of hay bales!  I mean, is anything better as a kid then being able to climb hay bales?  Such joy.

 Reagan cheering for herself at the top!  Ahh-YAYY!

 Their favorite part might have been feeding these goats.  It always makes us laugh that the goats are surrounded by grass and weeds, but for some reason they act like it's gold when you pull it from the ground and feed it to them.  So funny. 

 They have all these cute little lawn toys set up for the kiddies to play.  Love it.

 I couldn't get Reagan to look at me, but Reilly was too cute to pass up. :)

Reagan took the pumpkins to the car for us. :)  And yes, to your question - we do, on a constant basis, want to eat Reagan up for dinner.

 We set up a family shot on the hay bales. :)  Reagan wants to run around, clearly.  Reilly doesn't want to let go of Daddy all weekend.  And that view, just kills me every time. 

 Reagan and her beloved Buddy.  (Who deserves a post all to himself one day.)  Reagan backed up to this hay and sat herself right down.  She makes us laugh because she is constantly finding a corner, or a wall. and sitting against it all by herself for no reason.  Just, you know, some quiet time to herself.

 A cute little maze for the kiddies!  Reagan dominated that.  Maze?  Guys, you can just climb over.

 And this is my daughter, who is SO much more her Daddy than me in personality.  She ran across this whole field, up to a stuffed (CREEPY) fake scarecrow-type guy sitting in a chair, with a mask and a baseball hat.  He was "guarding" the corn maze.  I couldn't believe she wasn't scared to run over to him!  She came back to Reagan and I, and I said, "So what did he have to say, Rei?"  to which she responds, with a look, "Mom-my.  He didn't talk, he's just PRETEND!"  Oh, excuse me.

 Sidenote: These pictures are straight out of my camera, no retouching at all.  Look at those glorious colors!  God is amazing.

So someone who worked there suggested we go into the corn field.  She said it was just for kids so it was totally friendly, and they have a scavenger hunt list of things to find in there.  Fun!  So in we went.

Right after this picture was when my panic attack began.  Hubby was trudging ahead holding Reagan, while Reilly is busting through at her fearless-3 year old speed.  I am being careful not to trip over corn stalk stumps, protecting my unborn child.  I yelled for Hubby to slow down, because mazes frighten me and I definitely would get lost.

It was at this point that he informed me that this was not at all a corn maze, but just rows and rows of corn.

Oh.  I knew that. In case you were curious, rows and rows of corn are MUCH MORE FRIGHTENING than a maze.  Allow we to explain.

The corn rows are dense.  The corn is constantly in your face.  You are never free of corn in your face.  You can just walk through, but there are leaves all the time surrounding you.

 The density.

 The rows GO ON FOREVER!  There is no end.  None.  And hubby thought it would be funny to state how infinite the rows looked.  It is horrifying.  Every step we took to complete our fun little "hunt" was another step into the abyss, and all I wanted to do was turn around and head back out.

 Reilly looking effortless and carefree in the corn hell.  Sure, take Daddy's side. ;)
Also, do you see that pink behind her?  That's Reagan's jacket!!  That's how far behind I was being left.  Do you see the corn closing in until you can barely see them anymore?  Do you feel my panic yet?  Don't you just want to yell WAIT UP! for me right now?  Thank God we were wearing neon.

I asked Hubby to wait for me once more while I caught up, batting corn stalks out of my face, and when I approached I asked if he thought the corn was taking all the oxygen and was he also having trouble taking deep breaths?  It was at this point that he thought he should photograph me in the corn field.

I literally felt like we were in a sauna and all I wants to do was leave and breath air.

I also kept picturing the movie Signs, and the alien foot.  You know the alien foot.  Ugh.  It is probably clear right now why I never attempt haunted houses.

 The tops were pretty, though.  As I dreamed of breathing the air above us.

 We needed a little snack before heading home, so we had cheddar kettle corn, apple cider, and honey sticks.  We were devouring it.

Reilly, always giving Sissy bites. :) 

So, that was our pumpkin adventure of 2013!  And now we have a pretty little front door area, with pumpkin and corn stalk decorations!  Best days. :)

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