Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Update

So I haven't posted in a week, but I have good reason.  Reagan baby had pneumonia.  And I actually couldn't bring myself to write about her having pneumonia until I knew she was all better.  It was nerve-wracking and heart breaking, and we spent a lot of time cuddling, trying to get rest, having soup, and doing breathing treatments.  The little pumpkin was in such high spirits the whole time, she just didn't stop smiling.  Her fever kept spiking for days, and we were going back and forth to our (amazing) doctor.  She had to get a chest xray, and since I'm pregnant I couldn't hold her little hands. :(  The saddest part was, she had glitter on her shirt (naturally) and so they had to take off her shirt for the x-ray because glitter interferes with it.  She just say there with her big eyes and her little belly looking so stunned. 

 This was mid-sickness...could you eat her??

 Reagan says, "Who says you have sacrifice style for sickness?"
 Sissys in the morning before school.

We are so so grateful to God that she is better, and I have never been so thankful for my pediatrician.  He called every day to check on her and get a report.  It felt like we had a family member caring for her, that's how much the whole office helped and so obviously cared.

This I took this morning, and told her to give Elmo huggies. :)  Happy healthy girl!!  She fell in love with Elmo while she was sick, as we would watch YouTube Elmo videos at 2 in the morning in our bed while we gave her breathing treatments.  Now he is her BFF.  :)

In other news, our newest little one is coming like tomorrow.  Not really, but I can't believe how soon it is!!  BOY OR GIRL?!  So excited to find out. 

My sister came to visit for a few days, and by "visit" I mean "completely organize every inch of my home that she could get her hands on".  She helped get every inch of the baby's room ready, make the most of every closet in our house (which hasn't even happened since we moved in!), rearranged my kitchen and cabinets, and labelled EVERYTHING with her best friend, her label maker.  Hubby and I were discussing she is actually a genius at organizing, and came up with ideas that both of us couldn't come up with no matter how long or hard we tried.  It really is an amazing talent. More pictures will come in a future post!

In other exciting, news, Hubby finishes his coaching season today!!  That means, that instead of getting home at 6:008:30 (depending on if he has practice, or a game), he will get home every day at...3:30 IN THE AFTERNOON!!! I mean, seriously...it feels like he works a half day when he comes home that early.  All the girls in this house are so excited when we get to spend so much of the day with him.  I would say I am most excited, but if you saw the girls freak out when he comes home, you would see that it's really a battel of who is most excited about him being home. ;) And in this stage of my pregnancy, Mama needs that extra help and rest!  So this is all around a great week.  Health.  Organization.  More Daddy. YAY.

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