Thursday, October 24, 2013

Playing Outside!

Now that Daddy comes home when the sun is still up (HURRAY!), and Mama is staying in a horizontal position in order to keep babylove in the belly for a few more weeks, when Daddy comes home it is instantly PLAY TIME!

The beautiful fall days are perfect for fake-raking and jumping in the leaf piles. :)

Reagan's cheetah hat still fits her from last year!!  And we couldn't be more excited about it.

Out of focus, but too cute not to include. :)  My front door is in focus though!  I love that I finally have a little front area to dress up for fall and decorate with corn stalks!!

Cheetah hat. British coat. Reagan laugh. If you can imagine, she's even more squeezable in person. ;)

This is her saying "Cheese!"  (She says "Che!")

Reilly loves her beautiful colored leaves!

Check out the level of giggle that Reagan is in...

Reilly being a silly goose, and Reagan being obsessed with everything she does...

Dear Hubby, Amazing foresight keeping a hidden hand behind Reagan's back. :)

Reagan's favorite game when they play outside is walking around the lawn with Daddy, while he holds the front part of the rake, and she holds the pole.  They just...walk around together.   She loves it.  And it's hilarious.

I love watching and listening to them play outside with their Daddy. 
p.s. I might have gotten off the couch to take these pictures. Worth it. :)

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