Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby's First Christmas :)

 For Christmas this year, we traveled to Mima and Papa's house for a few days.  We had so much fun!!

Christmas Eve was, as it always is, one of my favorite nights of the year.  If not THE favorite night.  I can't describe the feeling of family and warmth and celebration and anticipation and joy on that night. 

Reagan twirled and twirled in her pretty little Christmas dress for probably 10 straight minutes.  We seriously couldn't get her to stop.  We kept erupting in applause hoping that she would stop, but she just kept on twirling!  It was the funniest thing ever.

More spinning!  Couldn't get a clear pic of these girls, because they were little dancing queens. :)

 I got them to sit still for about .5 seconds. :)

 Christmas morning seeing all the presents Santa brought!

 They found the remnants of the cookies and milk, and Reilly said, "LOOK Reagan!! Santa left cookies for US!!" And ate those cookie pieces up in 5 seconds.  I guess they weren't worried about his germs! haha
 Here is Reilly getting her first pair of real Nikes (Yankees) from Uncle Matt!  She was so excited.  (He might have been more excited. :) )

 Here she is opening the only thing she asked for from Santa - a second Rapunzel Barbie, exactly like the one she already had, to be "Rapunzel's Mommy".  I can't even describe her reaction.  So glad we have it on film.

 She knew right away.

 Here she is saying, "MOMMY MOMMYY LOOKKKK!!!" :)

 After hours of opening, our little Ariel was a little tired. :)

 Reagan Kate napped through most of the opening, and had her own private time later.

On another note, how handsome is my Hubby?  :)

 Baby Dec and his "My First Christmas" jammies on his bum!

We spent the day playing and relaxing, and watching our new fairy movie!  How hilarious is Reagan here. Little chicken.

Daddy upped his already awesome pancake game for this special occasion!  Yay Christmas flip flop flapjacks.  He and Mima teamed up for this festive breakfast.

Baby Dec had some bonding time with Auntie Mimi!  Didn't I tell you how he loves studying faces? Such a cutie that boy.

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our little angels! :)

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