Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Declan is 1 Month Old!

Boy, has Mommy been busy!  You would think that having Hubby home would allow me to have time to blog, but you'd be wrong.  The times that Hubby was occupying the girls, or taking them out somewhere, I was either breastfeeding, running around the house cleaning up like a mad person, doing laundry, or sleeping.  And then when the hour of 8:30 came around, we would go to sleep.  Seriously. For the night.  Because we've been up every 2 hours hanging out with our little buddy, so as soon as the sun goes down, that's fair sleeping time for us!  So Christmas posts will be soon, but first I wanted to write about our little one month old boy!

 I tried our photos at first, and he was not to happy about it!  After he had a full belly, he was much happier to pose for pictures. :)

 Our little guy is not that little!  He has grown out of 0-3 already, and it really gaining weight beautifully.  Which is no surprise to me, because I'm the only one who knows just how often he is eating!  We are so grateful that our big healthy boy is such a good eater.  Such a relief that breastfeeding came so easily for us.  I've even started pumping and freezing to help with the previously mentioned sleeping problem, so Hubby has been giving him one bottle a night.  And plus, Daddy like having is quiet boy time, to watch ESPN with him in the middle of the night. Ha! At his one month appointment, he weighed 11 lbs. 13 ounces, which was a gain of 32 ounces in 19 days! 

 He is such pleasant little boy.  He loves being held and rocked, but really only cries when he is hungry or needs to burp.  He even puts up with being poked and hugged and smothered by his sisters all day, everyday like a little champ!  :)

He is focusing so much on the world around him, and loves loves studying the face of whoever is holding him.  Those eyes, I swear.  It's like they are seeing into your soul.  They are so big and dark - they are currently a deep deep blue.  He loves watching his sisters, and I can't even wait until he can see them better and starts laughing at all they do.  They are obsessed with him, and all he does is sit there -  I can't imagine how enthralled they will be with making him laugh.

 He is just a little snuggle bug.  He will just bury his face into you, and become instantly content when he is being held.  He is not a wild, squirmy baby - he is such a calm little one. Unless he is hungry...then he will let his voice be heard!

 God bless you! :)  Sneezing picture.

His sisters are his little mommies.  Reagan is the most on top of him - she is the first one at his side when he cried, and she'll say "Arite, arite, Baby Dec!".  She tries to find his binky and holds it in his mouth for him.  Reilly will rock his chair and say, "Mommy's coming!"  It's my favorite thing to watch.  Reagan also wants to be ON TOP of me while I'm feeding him.  But it's not because she is jealous - it's because she obsessed with everything about him.  She will climb up and use her high-pitched voice and say, "BAAABY DEC!"  and just stare at him.  They she'll "help" him get his milk out, and say, "Eat, Baby Dec.  Eat milks."

Every morning, Reagan wakes up and the first thing she does is scream "Baby Dec STINKIEESSSS!"  I don't know why she decided that she needs to tell me that she believes that Baby Dec has poopies.  But she does.  Every morning at around 6:00 am.  And she won't stop telling us until we go address her.  Haha.  These girls love their little prince.

 Declan loves his chair, and his crib.  He started sleeping in his big boy crib!  And he is doing so well, and sleeping very soundly. 
op for
The only place he has been is the pediatrician's office for his check ups.  Since it's flu season, we are not taking him into public places until he is 8 weeks old.  But he has been to Mima and Papa's in New York!  And he did so well on the ride.  He loves the car, as long as it's moving.  If we so much as stop for a coffee at the drive-thru, he wakes up!  But he settles back down quickly.
 I know I am biased, but I can't even get over what a handsome little munchkin he is.  When he stares at me like that, I just melt.  I feel like he is an old soul, something about his eyes...and his newborn-hair-receding hairline. :)

And one of him in his knot-hat because I am in love with him in hats.  I have an obsession with boys clothes!  I don't know if it's because I am so used to pink and tutus...but I love blue and gray and hats and stripes and sweaters and ties!!  And hilarious look-like-a-football onesies and my-head-is-a-basketball hats!  I mean, come on.

Happy One Month beautiful boy!!  You are the most perfect little blessing to our family.  You are so adored, it is a little bit crazy. ;)

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