Sunday, January 12, 2014

His Care Takers

 In case you were wondering who Declan's caretakers are, it's not me or his Daddy.  It's the two little munchkins sometimes seen squealing through the house in tutus.

Evidently I have been deemed an insufficient care giver by these two, because they never leave his side.  It's like they are afraid if they leave, something bad will happen.

 It's like they have collectively decided.  "Sis...we better keep in eye on him. He obviously needs us to sit here and stare at him and pet his head and never leave his side."

 Reagan has taken it upon herself to be his shadow. 

 She just perches herself right next to him and doesn't move.  Except to get closer to him when necessary. 

 She is so proud.  Here she is texting her BFFs.  Such a multi-tasking mama.

 She is the first one at his side when he cries.  I have to close the door to his room when we are letting him cry it out, because she will run right in and start petting him through his crib bars.  She's like his own little golden retriever.

Her first words in the morning that we hear from her crib are "MOMEEEEEE!  BABY DEC!"

 Here she is just laying next to him, watching him blink. :)

He doesn't seem to mind the extra attention. :)

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