Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lately in our House!

 Mama's been subjecting Declan to some Christmasy photo sessions :)  He's just so small!  He fits in a HAT!

HA.  We've been dressing up - every single day.  It's all they want to do.  Here is Reagan making one of her awesome faces, in her authentic Japanese kimono from Uncle E, paired with a tutu.  She made me put this on her.

Precious boy, at one week old!

Daddy and his princesses going to the gym!  I think we might start collecting sporting goods that aren't pink now?

He's been getting the most rest of all of us ;)

I have been utterly unable to handle his cuteness!! And sweetness!! Ugh I am obsessed.

Gazing at Daddy!
My handsomest boys!!

Breastfeeding and more breastfeeding!  And some cuddles. :)

My big boy has had me up to eat every 2 hours, around the clock.  Coffee is my best friend! 

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