Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reilly's New Hobby

Since the day we brought home Declan,  Reilly has been asking me every day, "Can I take pictures of him??"  Photography has become her new favorite hobby.  I let her use Mama's big girl camera when she is on the floor, on a blanket.  Here is her latest works. ;)

Photos Courtesy of Reilly Buselli, Copyright 2013

This is a personal favorite of hers.  She loves that star.

Our tree, and the babyseat.  I love how the colors of the tree came out in this one!

Interesting composition, Rei!  Love it.

Mommy loves him. :)

I think here, she was highlighting his sleeve, and how his little hand doesn't even reach the end of it. :)

This.  This is my favorite.  I love it more because she took it.

I love her curiosity and her love of learning.

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