Monday, December 23, 2013

Declan's Birth, Part 2

 Right after they said I was almost ready to push, they had me get up and WALK to the laboring room from triage.  I always thought that was kind of cruel.  But anywho, I was kind of confused that I was close to pushing, because I didn't feel like the contractions were that severe yet.  I knew the pain that I should be feeling, and I wasn't there yet.  I was a bit confused as to how I would push the baby out when I didn't feel that pain yet.  But my labor nurse was amazing, and helping me through.  
The doctor came into the room and broke my water, then left again, and said, "Call me back in when you want to push!"  It's so funny how they put so much faith in you when you are birthing your third child, as if I am some type of pro.  I was nervous - after all, although I had delivered both girls naturally and with no medicine, it wasn't like I did it every day!  What if I forgot what to do, or how to breath, or how to push, and my labor lasted hours and hours because of it?  The nurse said it would come right back to me, and that I could probably teach HER some things about laboring.  Oh geez. This was really happening, and there isn't a manual on how to do it. I prayed it would all go smoothly, as we just waited.  
This all took place in a few minutes.  My contractions were getting stronger, but  I didn't feel the pressure yet that he was low enough to push.  Then the nurse said something funny:  " you want this to be over quickly?"  Umm..YES. I would like to hold my baby NOW PLEASE!  So so had me lay on my side.  Something about the pressure, or the turning, or the lowering, or something.  But laying on your left side, she said, speeds up and increases the intensity of contractions.  Well, bring it on!  I was ready. 

I had 2 contractions on my side.  And then the third was horrible.  Wicked. Body-wrenching.  I asked the nurse where the doctor was.  She said he was right outside, "Okay, a few more contractions like that, and you'll be ready to go."  I glared at her.  I couldn't find words, so I used my eyes.  I literally remember wanting to speak, but not being able to and just staring at her instead.  So she said, "Okay, honey, ONE more contraction like that and we'll push." 

So when it came, I screamed at the top of my lungs.  Partially because it helped release the pain, partially because I wanted to get the doctor in the room.  It worked.  He ran in, and I said, "I WANT TO PUSH!"  He was so calm, and said, "Okay, let's go."  

The sweet sweet nurse who I glared at stood on one side of me, and Hubby was on my right.  He encouraged me in my ear, telling me how I was doing and when he could see hair, which helped so much to motivate me.  I started pushing, and felt the baby coming.  I did not want to experience another contraction, so I remember channeling every bit of strength I had right then.  My eyes were closed.  They kept telling me to open them to see what was happening, but I needed them closed to concentrate.  I actually only pushed once.  One very long, very determined push.  I took all the energy, all the waiting, all the weeks of pain and contractions, and told myself, "Do this now.  Don't stop, and you'll meet your baby."  They told me they saw the head was out, but I wasn't done pushing.  They said to keep going, push out the shoulders.  When the shoulders came out, it was over.  The pain disappeared, he came right out, I started tearing up, Hubby was celebrating, the nurses were praising...and then we heard it.  His cry.  His beautiful cry.  The nurse said excite
dly, "Dad, do you want to tell her what it is?!"  and I knew right then it was a boy.  They put his on my chest, and I told him he was beautiful.  He was the most beautiful little boy I had ever seen.

He was 9 pounds 2 ounces, 21 inches long.  My biggest baby by far!! Which I knew, by the way he felt in there.  Recovery was a little different this time! My big boy. :)

This is when Reilly first saw him. :)  It will always be one of my favorite memories.  She gasped. 

 Then she looked like she was going to cry, and said "He is so cuuuute!"

 This is when Reagan's obsession began. :)  She said, "HI BAY-BEE!"

 Baby Declan, watching his Sissy's. :)

Reagan kept climbing on the chair and trying to dive into his bassinet. :)  Frightening foreshadowing for my busy days ahead!

 They all climbed in bed to touch his feet while I fed him. 

 The new big sister was giddy. :)

 It's a BOY!!

The pride on their faces when they get to introduce their brother to someone is my favorite thing ever. 

 My heart is so full. 

The past weeks have been super busy getting ready for Christmas, super sleep deprived, and the most amazing days.  It has been a beautifully full month.  Our little prince.  He is just a perfect boy, and his sisters adore him beyond belief.  I will update when I find the minutes (and am not sleeping!), but in the meantime, Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you my sweetheart....this is beautiful...we are truly blessed