Thursday, February 13, 2014

OH the SNOW!

 I didn't grow up with snow days like this.  I mean, sure, it snowed.  Sometimes we got the day off.  SOMETIMES.  Snow days were few and far between, and extremely exciting when they happened.  Since living here, there is a much different Snow Day process.  It starts in about November.  Woo hoo!  Snow days are exciting, sometimes there is a delay, Daddy is home!  Then December and January, and they start adding up.  Then we start wishing for Spring, and kind of start worrying, are the snow days going to start taking away from other breaks?  Will he have to go on Saturdays? (Yes, that happens.)

 But this year, our snow day feelings are different.  Snow days mean many things.  It means Daddy stays home all day (YAY), it means Reilly doesn't have school (which makes her sad), it means we can't have fun outings (BOO), it means mommy gets to sleep more (YAY), it means Mommy and Daddy have to be on HIGH energy all day, keeping all parties well occupied so they don't get too stir crazy in the house all day (TIRING), it also means we are that many inches further away from melting and Spring (BOO AGAIN).  The positives definitely outweigh the negatives. We just love having our man around!

We started our morning bringing both the girls mattresses into the living room to play.  They stood up and fell backwards on them (pretty much the best game ever), Daddy pushed them over onto them, we colored on them, and snuggled under blanket to watch Sofia.  We pretended they were magic carpets, and bounced up and down.  It was pretty much non stop excitement straight till lunch, and got them nice and tired for naps!

 We celebrated Valentine's Day today since Daddy was home all day.  We exchanged gifts, and had our annual Valentine's Scavenger Hunt which ends with little treats for the girls.  This year they got a Barbie movie, nightgown, and jellybeans which they were so excited about!  Reilly actually remembered the hunt from last year!  We had pink pancakes and heart shaped donuts, and we had mocha lattes during naptime.  All around a pretty awesome day.  I'll take a snow day like this one any day. :)

Okay, not any day.  Just until March.  Once March comes, I need 50 degrees or higher. ;)

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