Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Oldest One

Each one of my little ones are so special.  It's unreal to think how much you can love them, in their own individual way for their own special things.  My nickname for Reilly is "my sweet girl", because man can she ever be the sweetest little thing.  In the picture above, she is saying, "Here Declan, you sit right here next to me so I can look at you while I eat because you make me so happy!"  

Lately, this girl has needed more one-on-one time from Hubby and I.  More big-girl-only activities, more special reading time, more cuddles, more focus.  It undoubtedly has to do with our newest arrival, although it's never directed at him, she just adores him all day long.  But we are all growing and learning as a family what each of us needs each day.  Each one of them is just so different.  Right now, Declan needs breastmilk and little else.  Reagan needs everyone to "LOOK" at everything she is doing, and for her Sissy to always be playing near her.  And our oldest needs attention, as much as we can give. And each day is spent trying my best to keep everyone's needs met, and keep everyone smiling, or better yet laughing.

This day after her nap, her siblings were still sleeping.  She wanted to sit, and she wanted to cuddle.  So sit and cuddle we did. (This is my new favorite picture.)

She very special.  She is a leader.  This girl would be leader of the leaders who are 2 years her senior.  I love the confidence and spirit that this gives her.  I've been thinking lately how negatively being a leader is viewed at her age ("bossy") - when really, it is one of the most valuable traits to have as an adult.  So as long as she is polite and respectful, I let her lead.  I don't correct or redirect, I let her be.  It's who she is.  She will rarely follow another (besides me, thank God!).  I pray that she will continue to lead, only following me, Hubby, and God.  Because really, in the long run, having her be the strong leader she is puts my mind at ease. I know she won't be following anyone off of any bridges just because they said it was cool. ;)

Nobody makes Declan smile like Reilly does.  She doesn't even have to try, she just sits in his premises and he finds her, and he laughs.  It makes her SO HAPPY.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen her tear up and tell me that Declan makes her so happy that it makes her "cry happy tears".  The other day, she started tearing up and told me that Declan gives her hope. I knew exactly what she meant.

Watching your babies interact has to be one of the greatest joys of life.  What is better than this. 

She was made to be a big sister, and this little boy was evidently made to be spoiled and adored. :)

Lately we talk daily about school, her friends at school, "Katie McGee" and stories from when I was little, when Daddy will be home, snow days, princesses and all their movies, heaven, dressing up and pretending, Christmas, and her birthday.  Always her birthday. 

I love this sweet girl.