Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where to Begin!

 Oh where to begin with the busy-ness of our household currently.  I have had the busiest month, with not much on our actual schedule, of my life.  Every day is so full, and yet most days we haven't left the house.  We have had 2 hour delays and snow days, a maximum average temperature of about 10 degrees, and lots of around-the-house playtime. 

We have been dressing up in princess dresses and heels every.single.day.  There was even a formal tea party event thrown by our oldest in which mommy and daddy dressed up as well.  My outfit was picked our for me, it was an event.  Reilly has successfully trained our almost-2 year old babygirl to cry when her princess dress needs to be taken off at bedtime.  We barter and convince in order to get leggings and boots on these girls when we have to leave the house (because "princesses don't wear boots).  I swear this summer, every time you see us out these girls will be in their princess dresses.  I can't wait until it's 80 degrees and I can say "Sure, you can wear that dress to the store!"

 These pictures are of them eating special lollypops that were in their stockings.  It didn't occur to Santa that eating these lollys would be the equivalent of eating about 16 candy canes in one sitting.  I had to document the sugar rush. :)  It was a sight to see!

 The little guy has been eating non-stop!  I have to constantly check the clock and make sure he isn't eating more often than every 2 hours, because the doctor said this will help him stretch his feedings at night.  I am currently on the "eat whenever I can, as often as I can, as much as I can because my baby is taking all my calories" post-baby diet.  If you could even call that a diet. Ha.

Reagan is saying so so much lately, and usually every single thing that her sister says.  Literally word for word.  She thinks every meal is called dinner, and runs to her chair at mealtime shouting "DINNAHHHH!"  Everything she does is hilarious, even when she is "mad".

On an unrelated note, if you are a mommy of young kids, and you don't drink coffee, would you mind contacting me?  I would just like to have a conversation, maybe study your brain.  Coffee is a food group around here.

 I have felt more like referee lately than ever before!  Give that back, don't speak fresh, use your words, what do you say, ask your sister nicely, don't touch him when he's sleeping, quiet voices when he's sleeping, no high heels when he's sleeping (are you sensing a trend?), wash your hands, give mommy back her phone, 5 more bites...give mommy kisses.  Never before did I know a day could be so full.  Never did I know a day could be so full of love, laughs, stress, fatigue, joy, and chaos at the same time. 

When I was pregnant, women would come up to me, see the girls, and say "Bless you, having three kids so close.  It will be the craziest time in your life, but it will be the funnest.  You will miss these days."  I seriously cannot remember the number of women that said a version of that sentence.

These kids are the joy of our lives.  Our house is chock-full of crazy.  And we wouldn't trade it for anything.

So I tell you now, my blog posts might be shorter.  Snippets. Pictures. Whenever I can, I will post because I love writing, I love recording, I love knowing these memories are here.  But if I don't, it's because there are 3 loads of laundry that need folding, or dinner that needs cutting up, or a doll who lost her shoe, or a diaper that needs to be changed.  And 3 little faces who want me looking at them, 6 little hands that want to be held, and  3 foreheads that need my kisses.

And that's what we've been up to this month. :)

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