Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Boy's First Haircut!

 Last month, the little mans got his very first haircut!  I waited for as long as I could, because I heard that when you take the plunge and get that first trim, they grow up and look so different and suddenly go from "baby" to "boy" in minutes. So in short, I was nervous/excited.  I was so excited to get his little whispies cleaned up so they wouldn't be in his eyes (so was Daddy!), but...would he still look the same?! 

(Spoiler Alert: He still looks adorable. ;) )

A "before" picture of our happy boy!

 We got his haircut in New York, so we could go to our close friend who coincidentally gave Mommy her first haircut. :) As well as did my hair for my proms, wedding day, and every haircut in between.

Also, Lyssy was there, so we have an abundance of pictures, and I am in them! :) Happy Mommy when we have another photographer around.  Especially one is as good as she is!

 Things got a little intense as we started near the eyes.  Declan was a bit nervous, but such a brave boy.  No tears at all!

 How 2 of my 3 children ended up with such light hair, I will never know!

 Starting to look so neat!

We needed Declan to look down, so the troops got on the floor to make him laugh. Oh, we brought an army to the big haircut with us. Haha.

 Starting to get a little antsy, yet still clapping away!

 Smiling at Mama. :)  Told you there were a lot of pictures!

 This next one gets me.  Daddy loves his boy so much.


 Finished!!  Handsome handsome boy!  Ugh, I melt at his face. And he still looks like a baby, so YAY for that one.

This was one of the big ones...the girls have never gotten their hair cut yet, so Declan was the first one to reach the Haircut Milestone in our house!  It was so fun, I just wanted to squeeze him all day.  And a special thank you to Marianne - we were so happy you could be a part of our milestone!  And he gets compliments on his hair every day, you should be very proud of your work. :)

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