Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Twick or Tweat!

The title of this post is in Reagan voice :) 

We had such a fun Halloween this year!  Between Declan's first Halloween, Reilly in full out "I can't even sleep I am so excited for trick-or-treating at school" mode, and Reagan juuuust starting to understand the magnitude of it all (we are going to get candy from everyone? All the houses?!), it was just so much fun. We had been planning our costumes for some time now, and were all so excited by the time the big day came.

 This was the day before Halloween, Reilly had a parade and Harvest celebration at school.  She loved that she got to "trick-or-treat" at different classrooms throughout the school, especially to Daddy's classroom!  Reagan insisted on putting her costume on as well. :)  Why not, one more girl to dress up at 7:00 in the morning, right?!  Declan and I decided to stay in our pajamas until after the preschool drop off. ;)

I love that Reilly's teacher got this picture of us in the morning..a part of my day that is not usually photographed...but I will remember as hectic, busy, fun, early, silly, and crazy.  Sometimes Declan is in his pajamas, sometime he has one sock on.  Sometime Reagan has her hair every which way, sometimes Mommy barely combed her hair.  Sometimes Mommy has already had 2 cups of coffee, some days we are driving straight to Dunkin after we drop off sissy.  But every day Reilly is skipping into school, every day we are holding hands, every day Reagan says, "Sis...I will miss you.", and every day she hugs and kisses each of us. 

 The morning of Halloween was a crazy one!  Lots of excitement, a costume pee pee accident, the works.  We got all dressed and went to Grandma's for a Halloween tea party.  Reilly brought a special snack and they had "tea", it was so much fun.  Then we headed to town to pick up Daddy and start our trick-or-treating!

My Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, and Galinda the Good Witch <3 awinda="" br="">

 First stop was the coffee shop!  Mommy and Daddy needed some extra help with our big afternoon ahead of us. :)

When we pulled up and saw Daddy's car, Reagan yelled "Dorothy, looks it's the Scarecwow! Hellooooo Scarecwowww!"  She insisted we call each other by our costume names the whole day.
 Tin Man and the tired little Babydec. :) I love his sleepy faces!
 Reilly did not want me to put on lipstick, because I was supposed to be the Tin MAN!  Haha


 I just can't with the costumes.  I loved dressing up, it made the whole day SO fun for the girls that we all were into it.  They got such a kick out of it.

 The Scarecrow, and a real scarecrow!

I was really excited that we were able to use so much of what we already had for our costumes!  We bought Reilly's (but had the shoes), and we bought Declan's.  Reagan's is a dress we already had, and crown we bought online.  Brett's is an outfit he would still wear when we go pumpkin picking (ha), and a dollar store hat, and some burlap.  Mine is all my own clothes, awesome silver leggings that I bough online, and dollar store accessories (My silver wrist cuffs and collar I made from a gift bag!)  I loved that we were able to DIY a lot of it, and it still came together so well!

 I just. can't. with this face!
 He always always give Mama a smile. :)

 Striking a post at the first house. :):)
 We went to this house and were knocking and I said, "Oh it's okay honey, sometimes people aren't home." and Reilly yells back to me, "BUT I HEAR PEOPLE INSIDE TALKING! HELLO PEOPLE?!"

#mortifiedmommy #runawayfast #fouryearoldsarehonest

But honestly, people who don't answer their door on Halloween are super Grinches. Hi, you missed the cutest flipping Oz children ever. Their loss!

HIS FACE.  Love this little lion!

 It was such a gorgeous day, and so nice not to have to worry about coats and bundling!

 We met up with  a group of the girl's friends, and they had so much fun.  There were tons of kids, running, loving life.
 Reilly and Reagan both wanted to hold Clara's hand the whole time, and she was such a sweetie always waiting for them!
 Our lion must have gone through the Poppy Field. ;)

My girl and I on our way back.  We went back home and had some dinner, and waited for trick-or-treaters at our house (we didn't get any! So Daddy pretended to be some so they could hear the doorbell ;)).  Then  Cioci came over and we helped her put on makeup for her fun Halloween party. It was such a fun fun day.  And I started playing Christmas music the very next day. :)  Holidays with kids are just my favorite thing ever.

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