Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Fun Things :)

 While we were on Long Island last month, we went to the cutest little farm.  They had apples, pumpkins, roasted corn, fresh produce, an awesome place for the kiddies to play, and THE BEST apple cider doughnut that I have ever eaten.  And I would know, I am somewhat of a doughnut aficionado. Self-proclaimed, obviously.  And these babies were serious.

I had to pretend they weren't really that good, and then hide that I went to buy more, because the little chickens can't have cinnamon.  It was a difficult task to act naturally when you just experienced what they will serve for dessert when it's Fall in heaven.

Speaking of Fall in heaven, I have a theory that I have only shared with my husband.  But now you get to hear it.  I think that an ideal world (aka Heaven), Fall will be follower be Summer.  Hear me out. Fall has this heaviness to it, this weird feeling that you need to soak it all up, the leaves are falling, the winter is coming, the colors are leaving, the cold is descending, HURRY!  Now, if you live in a normal climate, you have no idea what I am talking about.  But since I moved to the mountains, I feel these things since winter lasts for 6 months. Every day in October that is doesn't snow is a celebration, that maybe Winter won't come until it's darn well SUPPOSED to come.  Winter has it's place, I know, but Winter is no longer cute and cuddly in March and April.  Yes I said April.  So anywho, in my perfect place, the seasons would go: Spring, Summer, Fall, Summer.  Without the daunt of Winter approaching, whispering to us with every wind gust that she is on her way, I think I would be much more able to enjoy the loveliness of Fall a lot more. 

What was I saying?  Oh yes, my children...
 Bruisy and Daddy-O. Lookin dapper, guys.

 My kiddies in a corn field. :)

 Declan's getting curious!

 My lovie babies.


Her in those boots, I swear.

Reilly being herself. :):)

 Reagan being sleepy.

 My mansy mans and I.
 Reagan attacks her corn.

 Daddy measured the girlfriends!

 And then this happened..
(Reilly is being a mean witch)

 AHH love. :)

 Then the girls gave Daddy a ride back in the wagon. ;)
More fall fun coming up! :)

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