Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Daddy's Game!

 This season is when we gather our blanket, our picnic snacks, our coloring books, some Barbies, swing through for coffees, and head to Daddy's home games!  Then we sit and play and deliver coffee to Daddy (the girls favorite part, and secretly mine too.  They hold hands and run along the sideline and then give me a thumbs up and are SO PROUD of themselves!), and then we pretend to understand the game and cheer when the rest of the people in purple cheer. :)

Going to Daddy's game is the highlight of their day. Even if there are 3 in one week, the are SO excited every time we go.  They play, the find friends and play tag with them, the wait until the games are over and they get to run across the field and jump into Daddy's arms, and then follow the big girls around in awe. :)

 He looks like a little old man in this hat! :)

 REALLY proud of his clapping abilities, and he makes this face.  AH. <3 br="">
 Zoolander face. :)

 I make t shirts every year for them, and this one might be my favorite. Daddy's Little Buck. :)
Mascot, only boy, born on Hunting Season morning!  Little Buck!

The little beauties, loving life, eating nuts. Living the dream. 
Reagan screams "GO DADDY GAME!" at the top of her voice sitting on the sideline. She is so enthusiastic and deliberate about her cheer. It's amazing.

Told you - best part of the day.  Their faces say it all.  Handsome Coach!!

 We love you, Daddy!  And we love getting to watch you work.  And when we happen to hear you yell something on the field, and it's quiet enough for us to hear you over the whistles and fans, I wish you could see how excited the girls get when they hear your voice.  "Daddyyy's here!!" they yell, like they just realized it. :)
Sweet sunny days..

(Disclaimer, this was the first game, and much warmer than the games now.  Now we are in hoodies and vests, but the weather is still that crisp gorgeous sun of Autumn.  There's something about being on a field in the fall, it just feels good.)

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