Friday, October 10, 2014

10 Months!

So we had to take an unexpected hiatus as a family to NY (blog post coming soon!), which is why there have been infrequent posts this month!  But I wanted to keep up with my little man's growth!

 Declan Boy is 10 months!  He is still moving and shakin and getting everywhere, and into everything.  Daddy put locks on all the cabinets though, so it is a bit less stressful.  And Reilly gets a penny in her piggy bank every time she "saves" Declan and picks up a choking hazard off the floor. :)  Works surprisingly well!  She has a stash of doll shoes, hair ties, Barbie crowns and the like in her room out of his reach, and she is so proud of it.  He loves practicing his standing, holding on to the couch or ottoman (still not pulling himself to stand, but likes it once I help him there).  He is taking right after his sisters with his lack of enthusiasm for walking. :)
 THIS FACE.  His happy face suddenly looks older!  I am taking a survey on whether anyone can even handle the cuteness in this photo.  I'd like to meet one person whose day isn't brightened by this photo.  Actually, if that's the case, I probably don't want to meet them. ;)

The funniest thing right now about him is that he is SUCH a little imitator.  He has such a sense of humor.  He loves doing raspberries, playing with his lips, making growling sounds, and doing everything his sisters do.  The three of them will sit at the table at dinner all doing the same thing, making noises, and laughing at each other.  It's so funny to watch him really interacting with his sisters, and making them laugh back.

He is now waving and high fiving! He high fives me which he is breastfeeding all the time, which cracks me up. :)

This little guy giggles constantly.  He could literally go from whining and crying, to laughing hysterically when I make a funny face at him.  His sense of humor lately just kills me.
 So my little man thinks he is a newborn in some respects.  You know, the whole, I'm suddenly going to decide to wake up and cry in the middle of the night until mommy breastfeeds me.  Soooo fun. And we are no strangers to crying it out, but it's a bit difficult when the crying goes on and off and on and off from 2:30-4:30 am. And mommy is awake for those 2 hours straight just waiting for him to go back to sleep.  And then she caves and feeds him just so she can get a few more hours of sleep before the preschool crazy morning starts. So, in 

He is getting his hair cut this weekend!  Which I guess would technically be next month's update.  But still, we are EXCITED!

 He crawled right for this Barbie and chucked her off the couch. Haha.

Baby boy is just so easygoing everywhere we go.  We are up and out this month taking Sissy to school, and he just goes with the flow.  Comes with us, in and out of the car, no complaints, waits till we get home for breakfast.  He comes to Daddy's games and sits in his stroller or crawls around the blanket.  He is just such a job wherever we go.  His disposition is as sweet as his little face.

Every time I enter a room, he reaches for me and starts whining and fussing.  Everyone always says "Oh, that's weird, he was fine until you walked in the room!"  If I am within arms reach, my arms better be holding him or he ain't happy about it.:)  BFF, basically.

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