Friday, October 24, 2014

Back to School!

 Our big girl is back to school, and couldn't be more excited!! You can feel the back-to-school excitement and jitters in the pictures...I just love her face.  She was so confident, so happy, so proud to be going to her "second" first day of school this year (since she will be in the same classroom).  She couldn't wait to meet the new students in her class and make new friends.  It makes me so happy that she is such the social little butterfly.

Reagan wanted in on the picture action too. :)  She had her first day of school at home with mommy!  Which she is very excited about.  There was a little confusion on Reilly's first day, apparently Reagan wanted to go into "Sissy's Big School" with her.  She did not like that Sissy and Daddy were going into a big school and she was not.

We had some tears, and a "pumpkin munkskin", and we were all better.  And going to school with Mommy and learning to write all her letters has been even more special for her.

I love how much Reilly and Reagan love learning.  It makes me so happy, and I remember feeling the way they do about going to school every day.  Yay education!  Yay Fall! :)

These sweet faces make me melt. And next year they will both be going to school, and it will almost be too much for my heart to handle, all the excitement and pride in these faces!

A Few Things Reilly Loves:
Being Outside
My Siblings
Making Friends
Princess Dolls

Happy Learning!

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