Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebrations in CT

Last weekend, we went to Connecticut for my sister's bridal shower that her groom's family threw her there, as well as the Bachelor celebrations for the boys.

We had SUCH a fun time! We all stayed at her in-laws condo, and it was a great time. Delicious food, wonderful hosts, and a bar that should require a cover charge to get into (I'm so mad I forgot a pic of it!).

But I did get pictures of the perfect, beautiful shower that they had for her!

Party girls! Blurry, but too cute not to share.

The bride and her soon-to-be sister!

All the sissies together.
Sister and mama of the groom, and of course, the guest of honor!

All the girls, ready for our champagne sangria!

Father of the bride. Who just pictured Steve Martin when I said that? Best movie of all time.

Me and my flower baby. Dada was golfing, and she loved having a girly day!

Poppy kisses!

The most amazing cheese I have ever had, and the beautiful favors/centerpieces!

The these of the party was "herbs" - and these were the favors!! Aren't they gorgeous?

Reilly having her yummy lunch. Some thing she tried for the first time at the party: a peanut chicken skewer (pictured above), chilled melon soup (she loved it), smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich (she loved it), hummus and bean sprout and roasted pepper sandwich (she loved it)...are we sensing a pattern here?

Pattern: The food was amazing.
Pattern: Reilly loves everything/has a strangely wide palate.

The adorably thoughtful gift from the hostesses of the party!! They typed out the "story" of how Sister met E, and had her read it out loud. There were blanks in the story, where they had her unwrap a gift that would fill the blank! Here is a little example:

"Several years ago in college, E and I met in a ______."
The answer is "freezer", they met in the freezer room of a food bank while volunteering at school. So the gift to fill that blank was the "cooler" that you see above! How cute!

Here's another one:
"We love going out to dinner, and out favorite place has become _________."
The answer is The Melting Pot, and there was a gift card for the restaurant in there!

The story went on, and by the end, Sister had a BUNCH of amazing gifts, and everyone at the party knew there whole sweet story as well!

I know, you are totally going to steal that for your next party, right? You heard it here first, people. Those creative Connecticut ladies!

Fact: Poppy loves his girl. Hence why they are pictured together in between all day long. :) The Dad's and Grandpa stayed behind from golfing to enjoy the aforementioned bar downstairs.

Our little purple princess was pooped after such a fun-filled day! And Reilly was pretty tired, too.

See what I did there?

I can't believe the wedding, which I feel like we just started planning, is already coming so close! I just can't WAIT! It's such a fun, exciting time.

Love & Purple & White,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. Ahhh I love this post!! I teared up at the pic of Melly and your dad!!! I'm going to be a mess at the wedding!!!
    and I LOVE what they did with the cooler and the story!! (p.s. I was there, in that freezer... not for long bc it was darn cold!! but I was there!!) :)

  2. YES you were Amanda!!!! haha soo crazy! And now look at us today... I'm getting married in a month & you and kate have daughters! crazy!!
    Love this post sis!!! :) XOXO