Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Her First Museum!

On our trip last week, we took Reilly to her first museum! Definitely not her last, since her mama seeks out art museums everywhere we go. But this wasn't an art museum, it was the Providence Children's Museum! We had so much fun.

We started our day at my favorite place when we are near civilization - Starbucks. It was Reilly's first Starbucks trips as well - she clearly loved it. She fell asleep shortly after this photo.

Then we were off to the museum! It would have been better for her if she were walking, but then again, isn't everything? So we strolled and carried and played and explored. Reilly said hi to every stranger that she saw. The usual.

We saw mirrors that made us look silly.

We practiced with the telephone!

We went down the slide - which was Reilly's favorite part!

Okay, can you even handle her face?? She was hysterical laughing.

We played with marionettes!

And we pretend-cooked with old fashioned carved bowl things.

Then we had lunch outside and watched the kiddies play and climb!

I love her outfit. Such a little adult outfit.

That was a fun afternoon on our trip! Funny story - earlier in the week, we were by the beach and Reilly became obsessed with the sound that seagulls make. As in, she can imitate it perfectly. And she did - every time she heard one - quite loudly. It was hilarious. So while we were eating lunch outside, she started pointing and making her very distinct seagull call. So we looked at where she was pointing, and saw a pigeon. We started cracking up, then taught her what a pigeon does, and she started bobbing her head like she saw him doing. Too funny, that girl!

Love & Explorations,

Dirt Road Mama

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