Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I realized, my daughter currently has stricking similarities to a bird.

A parrot, to be specific.

First, there was the crackers yesterday. Parrot's favorite snack -Reilly's favorite snack.

But now, its the imitating. In reality, she is communicating, learning, and gaining a deeper understanding of how to express herself. But how fast it's happening seems so insane to me - it's new words and new sounds every day. It's crazy how much she soaks up.

It's the connections she is making to, between what she says and the reaction she gets. She sits on the floor, puts her arms straight up, and stares at you with her giant blue eyes and says "Up! Up! Up! Up!" in this tiny little voice until someone breaks down and picks her up. It's so funny how she is learning how to speak, and is using her words instead of whining.

Another little thing I noticed is when she has water or milk in her bottle. She drinks it down, and when she is finished, she holds it out to me with this proud, happy look on her face and says "All done!" (Which actually translates as "Ah-dee!")

I repeat her and say "Good girl, you are all done! Do you want more? Say, "More, please."

I'm constantly narrating and encouraging her to say different things, things that I know she can't say yet. But lately...she is surprising me every day and actually repeating me.

Note to self: No more potty language. We live with a parrot. Polly the little pink parrot.

Love & Learning,

DR Mama

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