Monday, June 6, 2011


Reilly and I were traveling last week, at Mima-Poppy's house! We had oh-so-much fun. While we were there, Reilly found one of Mima's headbands, and claimed it as her own. She kept putting it on her head and saying "OHhhh...prett-ee!"

She wanted it on her head all day. When I would help her and put it on correctly, she would touch it and say "pretty" with a huge smile on her face. And sometimes she would put it on herself, in which case she looked like she was wearing a halo. It was hilarious.

Here she is at breakfast.

She's really refined when she eats.


Annnnd lunchtime, the same day.

Hubby and I find that very few things to be more amusing than this little girl. But then, I think that's how God makes it to be.

Love & Prettee,

DR Mama

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