Wednesday, September 21, 2011


1. We have had a groundhog, Murray, named after Bill Murray and his famed performance in Groundhog Day, who has lived outside our home for years now. He is fat and wonderful and waddles everywhere. He has since been joined by a bunny family. The matron bunny, we named Griffin, after Peter Griffin, star of Family Guy, a favorite of ours in college. This was a play on "Peter Rabbit". It's a stretch, but it fits. They have recently been living together in beautiful harmony. They graze on our lawn only 10 feet apart, and are always right in front of our door together when I pull in the driveway, then they scurry to opposite directions like they got in trouble. I am wondering if we will see the first bunny-groundhog offspring soon?

Anywho, today I found bunny laying in the lawn like this. It was hilarious, I have never seen a bunny so relaxed. I'm so happy to be such a haven for the woodland creatures.

2. I am making chicken soup. This deserves it's own bullet, because I am THAT excited to be cooking again. And making soup, in the fall. Thank you Lord. Here is the recipe I'm using, from the recipe book I made my sister for her shower. It was from Tastebook, an amazing website, and I put in all our families recipes and took the photos myself. Mama and I loved it so much we got ones for ourselves too. :)

3. We painted our living room! We've been wanting to for a while. It was sponge painted, and we like it enough, but were both getting sick of it and needed a change. It just wasn't "us". I wanted taupe. I needed taupe in my home, all over. So here is the before:

Please don't get my started on the picture cluster and how it is off center. We had rearranged our living room, and then it became glaringly off center. Before, it was offset by other things. Either way, it's gone now, so let's move on. Also, that is Spackle on the walls, not chicken pox.

After going to and from Home Depot 3 days in a row, testing 5 colors, and painting for 3 nights after baby went to bed, we finished! And the first thing I said to Brett was: This color was always meant to live in our home.

I realized the color I was going for was not actually a true "taupe", but more of a taupeish-gray. It looks insane against white trim. We used Martha Stewart's Gray Squirrel. I'm so happy with it!

4. I am working on maybe my favorite project ever, if it ends up looking like it should in my head. It's going to living right above the couch on that wall. More updates to come.

5. My daughter is officially more stylish than me, in her jeggings and leopard ballet flats. I thought I had years before this day would come. Alas, it only took one measly year.
Excuse me miss, just what do you think is so funny about that?

I am obsessed with her. The End.

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